16MAR24: The Jacksonville Flyout

Welcome to my next event in the sunny city of Jacksonville Florida, located in north-east Florida! Home of the Jaguars Football team, and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival which is the second largest in the nation. The city has also been home to many films including G.I Jane and The Devil’s Advocate among many other notorious ones.
Join me in mid-march for this amazing event in the Sunshine State ☀️🌊🏝️

Airport: Jacksonville Int’l Airport KJAX
Time: 1700z, 11am mst
Date: March 16th, 2024
Server: Expert Server

A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
A1 Silver Fort Lauderdale DH8D @AmericanB772
A2 Sun Country Minneapolis B738 @Mort
A3 Allegiant Flint A320
A4 Allegiant Pittsburgh A320
A5 Allegiant Grand Rapids A320
A6 Allegiant Washington Dulles A320
A7 Frontier Philadelphia A320 @Muhammedj14
A8 Jetblue New York E190
A9 JetBlue Newark E190 @Ben_Walsh
A10 Jetblue Boston E190 @anon87523340
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
B1 Breeze San Diego BCS3
B2 Breeze Norfolk E190 @RagonDragon
B5 Breeze Richmond BCS3 @YAWspeed
B6 Breeze Pittsburg E190
B7 Breeze Raleigh E190 @Olivia12
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
C1 American Charlotte B738 @IFlyer
C2 American Washington National A319
C3 Southwest Dallas Love B738 @oskar_Pawlus
C4 American Miami E175 @KhamaniAviationYT
C5 Southwest Baltimore B737
C6 Southwest Nashville B737
C7 Southwest St. Louis B737 @Finley_Skaggs
C8 Delta Atlanta B757 @Tucker_Ryan
C9 Delta New York LGA A319 @Prestoni
C10 Delta New York JFK A319 @Ryan_15
H Hardstands
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
H1 United Chicago A320 @MPH258
H2 United Houston E175
H3 United Newark A320
S Hardstands
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
S1 Breeze Columbus E190
S2 Breeze Hartford E190
S3 Breeze White Plains E190
S4 Breeze Los Angeles BCS3
S5 Breeze Providence BCS3
S6 Breeze Las Vegas BCS3
S7 Breeze New Orleans E190 @American321

Frequency User
ATIS @United403
Ground @United403
Tower @United403
Center @BrunoSantos

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun

Thanks to @MANDELA for making the banners!


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