16MAR21 / 2000Z - Miami, FL to El Salvador @ KMIA - MSLP

I’ve always wanted to recreate this flight since childhood, recently I joined the global IF community and its been nothing but amazing and I’d like you to join me on this flight! This was a flight number that brought happiness every year before Christmas since my dad (passenger tho) used to most of the time arrived at El Salvador Airport on this flight number AA925 and route, I recall being on the Airport’s terrace “ which is not open to public anymore :( ” watching such flight approaching on final and performing a beautiful flare landing at the end, being a real pilot is still a dream for many of us and we all have been inspired by something or someone that led us to the love for Aviation, this flight is for them :)

  • Aircraft and Livery : American Airlines old Boeing 777-200ER
  • Route : Miami, FL (KMIA) - El Salvador (MSLP)
  • Time of Departure : 16MAR21 - 4:00 PM EST (2000Z)
  • Server : Expert

Additional Information:

Spawn in 10-15min before departure
Spawn in at ** any gate at E or F terminals
Copy flight plan from American925 or make your own :)
Estimated flight time is 2-2.5
Cruising altitude will be FL320 and speed will be M0.80
Below 250 kts until above FL100, at or below 290 kts until FL240, then proceed to cruise speed

  • Who’s with me? :) happy landings!

When is 200z est- or MT

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Departure is at 16:00 Eastern Time which would be (20:00ZULU)

I need 2 more landings until expert be in my hands, and yes this will be my first expert event, so except mistakes

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Best wishes! hope to see you there :)

Can you delay it until, 17:30? MT?

Cause my landings didn’t register yet

Sorry that’s to late for me, I have something to do at that time, if you like PM me and we can plan a flight some other time


Happy Landings!

joining now if it’s not too late cya there

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Waiting for u I

I reduce speed

ok i’ll go as fast as i can to catch up to u

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