Aircraft and Livery: Air Canada B77W (777-300ER) Note: Any aircraft which can make the route are welcome.

Route: CYUL - EDDF (hopefully ATC coverage at departure 🤞)

Time of Departure: 2200Z or 2020-10-15T22:00:00Z in your Timezone.

Server: Expert

Flight time: 6-7 hours

This is my final flight for this my current subscription and I wanted to say goodbye to the community and the live servers properly. Yesterday I became a beta tester and have organised for my final flight to be with an aircraft I haven’t flown yet.
I will come back though in about 3 months 😃

Anyway, I’d love to see you there, sorry for the late notice.

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Hi there!

Groupflights must be within 3 hours of posting a topic as per the rules. Sad to hear your subscription won’t be renewed for some time, it would be great to have you back on the servers soon!

Also June 2020 was bit of a while ago 😂


Okay thanks for letting me know. I may create an event.

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