16JUL22 / 1700Z | Aloha, Hawaii @ PHNL [DEPARTED]

Daniel K. Inouye International Flyout

Welcome to Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. Meaning Sheltered Harbor, it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and home to the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport [PHNL/HNL]. Fly to various destinations in Asia, Australia, and North America, such as Osaka Kansai, Boston, or Auckland! Our main objective here is to pack lots of traffic at this airport. Come take off from the mountainous islands of Hawaii!

Server: Expert

Airport: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL/HNL)


Airport Diagram


Terminal Map

Upgraded Points

Airlines operating out of Terminal 1 (Gates A/B)
Hawaiian is the only airline that operates in this terminal.

Airlines operating out of Terminal 2 (Gates C, D, E, F, G)
Air Asia, Air Canada, Air Japan, Air New Zealand, Alaska, American, ANA, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Fiji Airways, Jetstar, Jin Air, Korean Air, Omni Air International, Delta, Philippine Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qantas, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country, United, Westjet

Airlines operating out of Terminal 3 (Gates H or Mokulele Ramp)
Mokulele Airlines is the only airline at the terminal.

Airlines operating out of the Cargo Aprons
Aloha Air Cargo, Atlas Air, FedEx, Pacific Air Cargo, TransAir Cargo, UPS, WorldWide Flight Services


(Optional) If you wish to reserve a spot, please post a reply with your destination, airline, aircraft type, and name.

It is recommended to fly a realistic route using the flight board from Flightradar24 or any other third-party app.

A/B Gates
Gate Destination Aircraft Type Airline Pilot
A13 Kailua-Kona B717 Hawaiian @Chase_Cyb
A14 - - - -
A15 Lihue B717 Hawaiian @Harrison_EGLL
A16 Maui B717 Hawaiian @CaptainLeo1
A17 Hilo B717 Hawaiian @Bren_McDonell
A18 New York JFK A330-300 Hawaiian (Generic) @Juan_Alejandro_Duran
A19 Long Beach A321 Hawaiian (Generic) @AliAlex
A20 Kailua-Kona 717 Hawaiian @corgi_doodle_YT
B1 - - - -
B4 - - - -
B5 - - - -
C/D Gates - FULL
Gate Destination Aircraft Type Airline Pilot
C1 Portland A330-300 Hawaiian (Generic) @AIDAN101
C2 Los Angeles A321 American Airlines @Klas892
C3 Los Angeles A321 American Airlines @RyMan
C4 Sydney A330-300 Qantas @Rolls
C5 Tokyo NRT B787-9 Japan Airlines @Se.Mal_aviation
C6 Tokyo HND B777-300ER ANA @85x74dpsq5
C7 Tokyo NRT B787-9 Japan Airlines @anon13232734
C8 New York EWR B777-200ER United @Aviator_Theo
C9 Osaka KIX A330-900neo Air Asia X @ouzi
D1 San Diego B737-800 Southwest @yenier_Rodriguez
D2 Sydney B787-8 Jetstar @Butter575
Gate Destination Aircraft Type Airline Pilot
E1 Los Angeles B777-200ER American Airlines @Jack.F
E2 Tokyo HND B787-9 Japan Airlines @EAviation
E3 - - - -
E4 Dallas DFW B777-200ER American Airlines @DMulvin
E5 Los Angeles B757-200 Delta Airlines @DennisG7
E6 Los Angeles A330-900neo Delta Airlines @Khal
E7 Seattle B737-900 Alaska @ParagonDelta
E8 Louisville via Las Vegas B737-800 Southwest @ItsablacklineYT
E9 Vancouver A330-300 Air Canada @Superdogs
E10 Kahului B737-800 Southwest @AlaskaAirlines_17
F1 Seattle A330-900neo Delta Airlines @RedWolf
F2 Los Angeles B737-800 American @ASHIR
G/H (Mokulele Ramp) Gates
Gate Destination Aircraft Type Airline Pilot
G1 Denver B777-200ER United @AviatorKnight
G1A Los Angeles B737-700 Southwest @flyingorange
G2 San Francisco B777-200ER United @CptKilo
G3 Los Angeles B777-200ER United @Aviatorwyatt
G4 - - - -
G5 Majuro B737-800 United @elitespeed00
G6 Los Angeles B737-800 United @Chopmaster
G7 San Francisco B787-9 American @Carlos_J
G8 - - - -
G9 - - - -
G10 - - - -
Mokulele Ramp 1 - - - -
Mokulele Ramp 2 - - - -
Mokulele Ramp 3 Lahaina C208 Mokulele Airlines @Kamryn
Mokulele Ramp 4 - - - -
Cargo Aprons
Gate Destination Aircraft Type (CARGO ONLY) Airline Pilot
Gate 1 - - - -
Gate 2 - - - -
Gate 3 - - - -
Gate 4 - - - -
Gate 5 - - - -
Gate 6 - - - -
Gate 7 - - - -
Gate 8 - - - -
Gate 9 San Francisco B777-200F FedEx @mildredAV
Gate 10 Memphis B777-200F FedEx @the_ding
Gate 11 Los Angeles MD11F FedEx @Manav
Gate 12 - - - -
Gate 13 Sydney B747-8F UPS @ethollie2006
Gate 14 - - - -
Gate 15 - - - -
Gate 16 - - - -

Request for spots other than gates or aprons here.

Gate Destination Aircraft Type Airline Pilot
- - - - -

Want to control? Please PM me with the frequencies you will occupy.

Frequency Controller
ATIS 127.90 @Piazza
Ground 121.90 @Piazza
Tower 118.10 @Piazza
Departure 124.80 -
Approach 118.30 -
Honolulu Center 127.00 @JSRibs28

  • Please spawn at your designated gate 10-15 minutes before the start of the event.
  • There will be ATC, so please follow all rules and instructions given by controllers.
  • This is the Expert Server. Act professionally at all times.
  • I am not responsible for any violations given to you.
  • If your assigned gate is occupied at the time of the event, you may choose a different gate.

Thanks for reading, and please enjoy the event. Hopefully, there are enough signups!

Graphics/designs by me. Here is the link to the original source of the image above and here for the image below.

We’re being streamed LIVE on YouTube!

@mildredAV wanted to stream our event, so we gladly accepted!
Their channel can be found down below where our event will be streamed:

🌸 Aloha 🌸


Can I get gate E3 delta 757 heading to LAX


You’re added, thanks for attending!


Ill take A17 on a Hawaiian 717 to PHTO!


You have been added! Thanks for attending!


Event bump! Let’s get more people to join!


Can I have cargo apron gate 11 fedex 777 to KOAK Oakland


Hello! This looks like a really fun event! I will take this gate please!
American Airlines A321/ Los Angeles KLAX! Thank you!


Both of you have been added, thanks so much for attending!


Can I get gate c2 American a321 to Klax please


I’d like to have this gate here, with a destination of Hilo (PHTO) run by the 737-800 and operated by Southwest


please gate C5 to Narita Mal 787-9

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You all have been added! See you there!

See you there!

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We now have ATC at Honolulu!

Thanks to Piazza, we now have Ground, Tower, and ATIS.

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Hello, can I have gate G2 to KSFO on an United 777-200ER?

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Welcome to IFC the system told me to welcome you!

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Yeah thanks. This is actually my first time making a comment here


I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Welcome to the community! You have been signed up, see you at Honolulu!

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