16JUL20 / 2200Z - The Icelandic Flyout! @ BIKF

Welcome IFC To The Reykjavik Fly-out!

Reykjavik has a large hub airport that is very under used in Infinite Flight so why not give it some love!

Reykjavik’s airport is called Keflavik International Airport. It has many airlines that operate there such as Wizz, EasyJet, and Iceland Air. It also offers many destinations around the world such as London, Chicago, and New York.

Reykjavik is most famous for it’s geographical location. Reykjavik is very far north so it offers great views of the stars and Northern Lights if you are lucky. They also have great natural features such as mountains, volcanoes, rivers, and a large coastline.

All Planes will use runways 28 and 19 (Subject to Change) Please be respectful and listen to all ATC Instructions. If there is no ATC please use the unicom!

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Hot Cargo Apron 1 LSPD Cargolux 747-8 @anon77793723
Gate 02 EDDF Lufthansa A320 @cptlogue
Gate 03 EDDF Lufthansa A320 @VH-VCQ
Gate 04 EIDW Iceland Air 757-200 @Populeux_Music
Gate 05 EDDL Iceland Air 757-200 @airplane2
Gate 06 KORD Iceland Air 757-200 @Delta18
Gate 07 KJFK Iceland Air 757-200 @NYFLFlyer22
Gate 08 KDFW Wow Air A330-300 @AGForLife
Gate 09 KDEN Iceland Air 757-200 @Captainflight
Gate 10 CYYZ Iceland Air 757-200 @ran
Gate 11 ENGM SAS 737-800 @Liam_Gardener
Gate 12 EKCH SAS A320 @Captain-787
Gate 14 EGGW EasyJet A320 @AviationFreak
Terminal East Remote Apron Stand 78 ESSA SAS A320 @OnthePlaneAgain
Terminal East Remote Apron Stand 76 UUDD S7 A319 @SkyHawkheavy12
Terminal East Remote Apron Stand 74 EVRA Air Baltic Q400 Dash 8
Terminal West Remote Apron Stand 40 EGLL British Airways A320 @Furwani
Terminal West Remote Apron Stand 42 KJFK Delta 757-200 @RTG113
Terminal West Remote Apron Stand 44 BGGH Air Greenland Q400 dash 8 (Generic)
Terminal West Remoet Apron Stand 46 LEPA Private Jet Cessna Citation X
East Apron Stand 101 BIIS GA Cessna 208 Caravan @Jack_Q
East Apron Stand 102 BIVM GA SR22 @GameBoy_KIRB
East Apron Stand 103 Pick Your Route GA Your Choice
East Apron Stand 104 Pick Your Route GA Your Choice @ncl.spotter
East Apron Stand 105 Pick Your Route GA Your Choice

GA Aircraft

-Cessna 172
-Cessna 208 Caravan
-Cessna Citation X
-Cirrus SR22
-CubCrafters XCub
-Daher TBM-930

More Gates Can Be Added



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Server: Expert Sever (IFATC - TBD)

Airport: BIKF Keflavik International Airport

Time: 2020-07-16T22:00:00Z

Thanks for checking out this flyout! Hope you can attend!


Nice one! Wish I could come but that is 5:00am here. If only it was pushed to about 2200Z ;(

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I can change it that will work for me I will change it

I will get this one to Munich in a Lufthansa A320

That needs to be GA but i can change a gate to that

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Yes please

Halfway through creating my own BIKF event😂beat me to it. Shame i can’t come because of the time. Hope you have a great time!

sorry I took it if you still finish it I would be happy to come!

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My version:

Edit: please pick me out a new gate here

What would you like @cptlogue

A lufthansa A320 to Munich

that is taken but I can get you an iceland air flight to EDDL

Thanks! I’ll probably start planning another event tomorrow that hasn’t been done before

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What? I asked for it first I think

my bad I put the wrong person lol

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@VH-VCQ sorry they need to be a real flight

Ohh ok, will find one then ;) I am just trying not to get stuck with the 757…

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iceland air has some nice ones to the US and Canada for long hauls

can i take east apron stand 102 to BIVM (aircraft sr22)

You got it!