16JAN21/2230Z-Race Across The North Sea! @ EGLL to EHAM

                  Race Across the North Sea!


Welcome to the North Sea race! In this event we will do a race across the North Sea. If you don’t know where the North Sea is, basically it is the sea separating London to Amsterdam. Therefore the race will be from London to Amsterdam. I will say the official race start time on a pm I will make a week before the event when everyone attending has spawned in. I will put the first 5 people to get there on a table with their time.

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Any Fighter jet

Airport: EGLL - EHAM

Time: 2021-01-16T22:30:00Z

   Sign Ups

Additional Information: You must take off and land on A runway
Pay attention to the PM. I post the time we will start the race on it.
You must communicate with ATC
Feel free with your altitude and speed
You must park at a gate at your destination airport
You must use taxi lines (don’t use grass as a taxiway 😂)


Cool event!!! :)

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You wanna join?

Yea, I will join in a F22

Alright I’ll sign u up

Btw if you’re the only one attending you’ll automatically win 😂

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