16JAN21 / 2000Z - @Cpt_Bosnia presents My first IF flyout @KIAH

Hello fello travelers I am here wanting to host a huge event for one of the last times I might see Infinite Flight by doing a Flyout from my favorite airport

  • Expert Server

  • The flyout will be done @KIAH/George Bush Intercontinental Houston

  • The flyout will be taken at 2pm CST/8pmZ


Domestic Gates

Terminal A Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate A01 Baton Rouge United Express CRJ-700
Gate A02 Austin United Express CRJ-700
Gate A03 San Antonio United Express CRJ-700
Gate A04 Dallas Fort United Express CRJ-700
Gate A05 Mobile, Alabama United Express CRJ-700
Gate A06 New Orleans United Express Q-400
Gate A07 Dallas Love Field United Express Q-400
Gate A08 Tulsa United Express Q-400
Gate A09 Little Rock United B737-700
Gate A10 Tampa United B737-700
Gate A11 Atlanta United B737-700 @Tre_Dior
Gate A12 Pheonix United B737-700
Gate A14 Santa Fe United B737-700
Gate A15 Memphis United B737-800
Gate A16 Dulles United B737-800
Gate A17 Sacramento United B737-800
Gate A18 Los Angeles United B737-800 @Calfire
Gate A19 Las Vegas United B737-800
Gate A20 Miami United B737-800
Gate A21 Las Vegas United B737-800
Gate A22 Pheonix United B737-700
Gate A23 Denver United B737-700
Gate A24 Tallahasse United B737-700
Gate A25 Memphis United B737-700
Gate A26 Charlotte United Express CRJ-700
Gate A27 Boise United B737-700
Gate A28 Orlando United B737-800
Gate A19 Tampa United B737-800
Gate A30 Baton Rouge United Q-400
Terminal B Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate B01 Toronto Air Canada A321
Gate B02 Vancouver Air Canada a319
Gate B03 Newark United B737-900
Gate B04 Boise Spirit A321
Gate B05 Denver Spirit A321
Gate B06 Milwaukee Spirit A321
Gate B07 Cancun United B737-900
Gate B08 Cancun United B737-800
Gate B09 Little Rock United B737-700
Gate B10 Tampa United B737-900
Gate B11 Atlanta Delta A320
Gate B12 Pheonix Spirit A321
Gate B14 Mexico City United B737-800 @PocketRishi
Gate B15 Mexico City Volaris A319
Gate B16 Dulles United B737-900
Gate B17 Sacramento United B737-900
Gate B18 San Fransisco United B737-900
Gate B19 Las Vegas United B737-800
Gate B20 Miami United B737-700
Gate B21 La Guardia United B737-900
Gate B22 Lincoln Spirit A321
Gate B23 Salt Lake City United B737-800
Gate B24 DCA United A320
Gate B25 Nashville United B737-700
Gate B26 Charlotte United Express CRJ-700
Gate B27 Chicago United B737-800
Gate B28 Orlando United B737-800
Gate B19 Boston United B737-800
Gate B30 Detroit United 737-900
Gate B31 Philidelphia United 787-800
Gate B76 Baltimore United B737-900
Gate B77 Jon Wayne United ERJ-170
Gate B78 San Diego Spirit A321
Gate B79 Indianapolis United B737-800
Gate B80 Cinncinati United B737-700
Gate B81 Kansas City United B737-800
Gate B82 St Louis United CRJ-700
Gate B83 Pittsburgh American A320
Gate B84 Oakland Spirit A321
Gate B85 Cleveland United B737-800
Gate B86 Aspen United B737-900
Gate B87 Topeka United B737-800 @Flightistic
Gate B88 Portland United B737-700
Terminal C Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate C01 Louisville United A320
Gate C02 Newark United a320
Gate C03 Palm Beach United B737-900 @ DEGAviation
Gate C04 Minneapolis United ERJ-170
Gate C05 San Francisco United B757-200
Gate C06 Seattle United B757-200
Gate C07 London United B777-200
Gate C08 Frankfurt United B777-300
Gate C09 Columbus United B737-800
Gate C10 Tallahassee United A320
Gate C11 Atlanta United ERJ-170
Gate C12 Vancouver United B757-200
Gate C14 Mexico City United B737-800 @ United.sandwitch
Gate C15 Cancun United B737-800
Gate C16 Dulles United B737-900
Gate C17 Sacramento United B737-900
Gate C18 San Fransisco United B737-900
Gate C19 St Louis United B737-800
Gate C20 Detroit United B737-800
Gate C21 La Guardia United A320
Gate C22 Lincoln United A320
Gate C23 Salt Lake City Delta B757-200 @zion89
Gate C24 Honolulu United B757-200 @ JetBlue-Aviation-YT
Gate C25 Nashville United B737-800
Gate C26 Charleston United B737-800
Gate C27 Chicago United B737-700
Gate C28 Orlando United B737-800
Gate C19 Boston United B737-800
Gate C30 Ashville United 737-700
Gate C31 Indianapolis United 737-800
Gate C32 San Jose United A320
Gate C33 Chicago United 737-900
Gate C34 Fort Wayne United ERJ-170
Gate C35 Bangor United 757-200 @ Legomaniac
Gate C36 Kansas City United 737-900
Gate C37 St Louis United 737-900
Gate C38 Helena United 737-800
Gate C39 Reno United 737-700
Gate C40 Newark United 737-800
Gate C41 La Guardia United 737-900
Gate C42 Jacksonville Florida United 737-700
Gate C43 Tulsa United 737-800
Gate C44 Austin United 737-700
Gate C45 San Antonio United 737-700


Terminal D
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate D01 Manchester Singapore A350-900
Gate D02 Paris Air France B777-300 @Capt_B
Gate D03 Doha Qatar B777-200LR
Gate D04 London British B747-400
Gate D05 Amsterdam KLM B747-400 @RhendyAvGeek
Gate D06 Dublin AirLingus A350-900
Gate D07 Beijing China Airlines B777-300
Gate D08 Auckland Air New Zealand B787-9
Gate D09 Sydney United B787-10
Gate D10 Dubai Emriates B777-200LR
Gate D11 Istanbul Turkish B777-300 @ F1PlayBG
Gate D12 Frankfurt Lufthansa A380-800 @ Free-Realestate


Terminal E Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
Gate E01 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E02 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E03 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E04 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E05 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E06 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E07 San Diego Spirit A321
Gate E08 Los Angeles United A320
Gate E09 Salt Lake City United A320
Gate E10 San Antonio United A320
Gate E11 Austin United A320 @ nolan_brant12
Gate E12 Indianapolis United A320
Gate E13 Dallas Love Field United A320
Gate E14 Dallas Fort Worth United A320 @ Aviation2929
Gate E15 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E16 Denver Frontier A320
Gate E17 Orlando United B737-700
Gate E18 Dulles United B737-700
Gate E19 Chicago United B737-700
Gate E20 San Fransisco United B737-700
Gate E21 Denver United A320
Gate E22 Roanoke United A320
Gate E23 Morgantown United A320
Gate E24 Sacramento United A320

Note that most of these flights are not real but a lot from these gates are

If you would like to reserve a Gate please reply with the gate you would like :)

Thank You and I’ll see you @KIAH


Can you please title the post correctly? And also please double check the formatting for the post. Refer to Misha’s post here.

sorry I didnt check that ill fix it right now

I would also suggest looking at other topics in the #live:events category to help make sure the post looks all good.

Hello! Can I take gate C24 to Honolulu?

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Can I have this gate

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May I take C35 to Bangor? Thank you!

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All yours mate

All yours man

Yessir all yours

Keep in mind I’m not on my PC yet but when I am I will fix the pilot names

Did you mean St. Louis? It was spelled wrong @Cpt_Bosnia

Thats what I meant sry

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should be fixed rn

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I can’t because to this event due to school

I tried to make it a saturday for tons of people to join but its fine man have a good one

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(It is a Saturday is what I meant)

Ok if it is Saturday I could come

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Just change your title

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does it not say " 16JAN21 / 2000Z - @Cpt_Bosnia presents My last IF event Flyout @KIAH"