16JAN21 / 1400Z - [FINISHED] Hop the Pond the United Way! @EGLL to KEWR

Welcome to the event! We will be flying from London Heathrow to Newark Liberty Airport in the 777-300ER! This event will be made into a video so please act professional. Featuring Rotate Aviation!


Server: Expert

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2021-01-16T14:00:00Z2021-01-16T22:05:00Z

Flight Information:

Climb Profile: 250/300/.85

Cruise .85 @ FL400

Descent 300/250/200

Time: 1400Z

Flight Time: 8:05:00

Copy FPL from N7643G

FPL will be posted the day of the event by @shaanfliesplanes


Please maintain 10NM spacing, use correct runways, please act professional and follow all instructions given by IFATC, not responsible for any reports/violations received during flight.


Gate No. Aircraft Livery Attendee
Gate 233 B777-300ER United @Pingu
Gate 232 B777-300ER United @shaanfliesplanes
Gate 231 B777-300ER United @Aviation2929
Gate 249 B777-300ER United @AIFC
Gate 248 B777-300ER United @Legacy31
Gate 247 B777-300ER United @Fat_Albert_512
Gate 246 B777-300ER United @Andrew_Yates
Gate 244 B777-300ER United @SouljaFlight
Gate 243 B777-300ER United @Texan
Gate 242 B777-300ER United @Jermaine_Edwards2
Gate 241 B777-300ER United @IFS
Gate 240 B777-300ER United @Nee

Feel free to request a gate!

Sign Up Format!

Format: Gate No. - Username
Example: Gate 249 - @shaanfliesplanes

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You may sign up for a different aircraft if you want.

I guess we don’t have any signups. I’ll probably cancel if there are not any.

Give it some time. I’ll take a gate.

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Which gate would you like?

I’ll take 233.

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Sold! I’ll get you on there.

I’ll take a gate please

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@Aviation2929 Your down! I’ll get you a gate.

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Alright so far we have, @shaanfliesplanes, @Pingu, and @Aviation2929! I can count on you all coming right?

We only need 6 more people to attend to confirm this event.

Sign me up, I would like gate 248

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Sure! I’ll get you on there!

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Sign me up, I will take:
Gate 247 - @Fat_Albert_512


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Epic! Will do! I’ll sign you up!

I had to advance search this event again coz it wasn’t on the “Events”, so others may not see it. Check, I may be wrong.

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May I please have 246 🤗🤗

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Sure! I’ll get you on up there! We will be departing on Saturday!

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Thank you 😊

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I’ll sign up!

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