16hr Flight: Johannesburg to Atlanta!

Another ultra long haul on my logbook: Johannesburg to Atlanta! Here again some pictures to give you sort of a view how the flight went from start to finish.

My standard callsign: PH-DOS
Server: Expert

Origin: FAOR
Destination: KATL
Aircraft: A359
Flight Time: 15:46

Takeoff and initial climb out of Johannesburg

Initial cruise (FL340)

Leaving Africa behind, coast of Angola (FL360)

Fastforward a bunch of hours of nothing but sea, the coast of Georgia/South Carolina (FL400)

On final at Atlanta


And parked…

Thats all! Thank you @Gotcha for the ATC service at Atlanta!


My pleasure!

You got some nice shots there, hope you enjoyed your flight~

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How did you entertain yourself for 17 hours or did you sleep for most of it?

Nice flying! I flew through Atlanta on 12/31/2022, and saw a Delta A350 coming in for a very smooth landing! I couldn’t get a picture though, which I’m sad about. My home city of Minneapolis sees a couple of A350s a day, mostly out to Seoul. I think they’re starting Tokyo again soon. Happy flying!