16FEB21/ 2200Z - Turkish long Haul @KLAX-LTFM

Aircraft and livery: A359 or 77W turkish livery

Route: KLAX BASAL V394 DAG J100 LAS Q70 BLIPP Q842 PATIO NUBGE V257 MLD V21 PIH V257 DBS J9 GTF J530 YYN NCAE YYQ J530 YZS LAT6 070C NCAC CANEL 6800N0-6000W 6800N0-5900W 6800N0-5800W 6800N0-5700W 6800N0-5600W 6800N0-5500W 6800N0-5400W KUKAK GODUT DOSIT SIMON ANDRE KUNUK 6900N0-4900W 6900N0-4800W 6900N0-4700W 6900N0-4600W 6900N0-4500W 6900N0-4400W 6900N0-4300W 6900N0-4200W 6900N0-4100W 6900N0-4000W 6900N0-3900W 6900N0-3800W 6900N0-3700W 6900N0-3600W 6900N0-3500W 6900N0-3400W 6900N0-3300W 6900N0-3200W 6800N0-2900W 6800N0-2800W 6800N0-2700W 6800N0-2600W 6800N0-2500W 6800N0-2400W 6700N0-2100W AKI R5 HA B2 ES 6500N0-1300W 6500N0-1200W 6500N0-1100W 6500N0-1000W 6500N0-900W 6500N0-800W 6500N0-700W 6500N0-600W 6500N0-500W 6400N0-200W ISVIG L727 PENOR N133 NASOK N195 DIBED Q97 ROMOL P746 BCU N616 DINRO L620 MATEL LTFM


  • Time of Departure: Time of Departure is 2215Z or 10:15 US ET

  • Server: Expert

Just to be sure I may be wrong about the Zulu time, departure time is 10:15 pm US ET. I would recommend the A350 :))

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