16DEC21 / 2200Z German Special | Mega Munich Flyout | @EDDM

|Gate 224A|Toronto [CYYZ]|Air Canada|B777-300| Please:)

|Gate 213A|Rome [LIRF]|Alitalia|A320 this one

Your all signed up

Your all signed up @NxT_BLXAT

Your all signed up @Matthew_Loew

Could I use lufthansa a320 instead of alitalia?

i’ll take Lufthansa cargo to EGLL (cargo 901) call sign will be lufthansa cargo 9250

Yea that is ok 👍🏻

Ok I’ll sign you up

Ok guys 12 hours left till no more sign ups because the event is tomorrow/today

I take this one:
Gate 216 Denver [KDEN] Lufthansa Airlines A350 N/A N/A
My Callsign is D-OWLX

Thx for this event. 👍🏻

Your all signed up thanks for participating

Hey just a lil’ heads up: Terminal 2 is only used by star alliance, airBaltic and Etihad (except TK)

Oh sorry I didn’t find that in my research I must have missed it thanks for the heads up Next event I’ll look more into the terminals

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Any last minute sign ups event sign ups will be closed for booking in 2 hours and then from then on you can just join the event without signing up but we prefer you to sign up thank you

Very sorry but need to cancel ATC. Unfortunately I don’t have time anymore…

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