16DEC21 / 2200Z German Special | Mega Munich Flyout | @EDDM


German Special Mega Munich Flyout

This week the Olegend team hosts a Mega Munich flyout, which will be livestreamed on @Olegend049’s YouTube channel. Munich airport is located in Germany Europe founded in 1992 and serves Millions of passengers every year. This event will combine the most popular routes flown out of Munich and provide them for you to fly in the massive flyout. Any Flyin’s are welcome but ATC will be prioritizing departures.

Hopes for the event!

We hope to have tower and ground air traffic controlled to provide a realistic element to the event. We also hope to reach a goal of 40 people participating in this event and if we reach this goal I will create a pole for next weeks event so let’s get there together.

Event Details

Sever - Expert
Airport - Flughafen München / Munich / @EDDM /
Event Time - Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 PMThursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 PM


Station Operator
Ground @XY_MAGIC
Departure N/A
Approach N/A


Terminal 1
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate 110B Paris [LFPG] Air France A220 @IF_KGRR Air France 1123
Gate 111A Amsterdam [EHAM] KLM 737-9 N/A N/A
Gate 112 London Heathrow [EGLL] British Airways A320 N/A N/A
Gate 113A Moscow [UUDD] Aeroflot A320 N/A N/A
Gate 110 London Gatwick [EGKK] Easyjet A320 N/A N/A
Gate 116 Zurich [LSZH] Swiss Airlines A320 @Captain_Ry Argentina 001VA
Gate 117A Barcelona [LEBL] Vueling A320 N/A N/A
Gate 118 Stansted [EGSS] Easyjet A320 N/A N/A
Gate 119 Manchester [EGCC] Jet2 B737-8 N/A N/A
Gate 120 Copenhagen [EKCH] SAS A320 @Martins Scandinavian 11SV
Gate 121 Athens [LGAV] Aegean airlines A320 N/A N/A

Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate 201A Istanbul [LTFM] Turkish Airlines A321 N/A N/A
Gate 202A Vienna [LOWW] Austrian Airlines A319 N/A N/A
Gate 203 Frankfurt [EDDF] Lufthansa Airlines A350 @N516GO Lufthansa 836
Gate 206 Chicago [KORD] United Airlines B787-9 N/A N/A
Gate 207A Houston [KIAH] United Airlines B787-9 N/A N/A
Gate 208 Dubai [OMDB] Emirates A380 N/A N/A
Gate 211 Atlanta [KATL] Delta Airlines A350 N/A N/A
Gate 213A Rome [LIRF] Alitalia A320 N/A N/A
Gate 214 Shanghai [ZSPD] China Airlines B787-9 N/A N/A
Gate 216 Denver [KDEN] Lufthansa Airlines A350 @Der_AJ Lufthansa 462
Gate 218 Beijing [ZBAA] Air China B747-8 N/A N/A
Gate 224A Toronto [CYYZ] Air Canada B777-300 @NxT_BLXAT Air Canada 629
Gate 246 Madrid [LEMD] Air Europa B787-9 N/A N/A
Gate 247 Los Angeles [KLAX] Lufthansa Airlines B747-8 N/A N/A
Gate 250 New York [KJFK] Lufthansa A340 N/A N/A
Gate 251A Charlotte [KCLT] American Airlines B787-9 N/A N/A
Gate 252A Doha [OTHH] QATAR B777-300 N/A N/A
Gate 254 Bangkok [VTBS] Tai airlines B777-200 N/A N/A
Gate 302 Dublin [EIDW] Ryanair B737-8 N/A N/A
Gate 308 Lisbon [LPPT] TAP Air Portugal A330neo N/A N/A
Gate 309 Singapore [WSSS] Singapore Airlines A350 N/A N/A
Gate 312 Tokyo [RJTT] ANA B777-300 @Jukker ALL Nippon 784
Gate 317 Keflavik [BIKF] Icelandair B757 N/A N/A
Gate 318 Abu Dhabi [OMAA] Etihad B787-10 N/A N/A

Cargo Terminal
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Cargo 901 Heathrow [EGLL] Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F @dhandaman Lufthansa 1920
Cargo 902 Dubai [OMDB] FedEx B777F N/A N/A
Cargo 903 New York [KJFK] Air Bridge Cargo B747-8 N/A N/A
Cargo 904 Luxemburg [ELLX] CargoLux B747-8 N/A N/A
Cargo 905 Istanbul [LTFM] Turkish Cargo A330F N/A N/A
Cargo 906 Taipei [RCTP] Eva Air Cargo B777F N/A N/A
Cargo 907 Jeddah [OEJN] Saudi Cargo MD-11F N/A N/A

Airport Charts

Runway Map


Taxiway Diagram

Extra Information


Make sure to follow the instructions from ATC. Any reports will not be my fault. If a gate doesn’t fit your aircraft then make sure to spawn at the closest gate that can fit your aircraft. The last rule is to enjoy the experience for our Mega Munich Flyout

Not So Relevant Information

This event will be livestreamed so make sure to try your best also make sure to contact @Olegend049 if you have any questions about the livestream. If you want to fly general aviation aircraft spawn at the GA gates otherwise ATC will be reporting you. HAVE FUN!!


Reply to this thread with your gate, username and callsign if you want to join!!

Could I take this in an A220? I’m 90% sure the update will be out by then 🤞🏻

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Yep sure ill change that to A220 if the update isn’t out then stick to A320

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What will your callsign be?

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Air France 1123

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Ok your all signed up

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I’ll take the Lufthansa A350 to EDDF. Callsign Lufthansa 836

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Ill take this gate please!

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your all signed up

what will your callsign be?

ATC: Ground, Tower and ATIS for me pls (and pls change ACT into ATC 😉)

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Ok all signed up hope you enjoy the ATC!!

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I also changed the ACT - ATC it must have been autocorrect thanks for pointing it out

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I use Argentina 001VA, thank you.

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Ok I’ll sign you up

Gate 120 Copenhagen [EKCH] SAS A320 N/A

This one please:)
Scandinavian 11SV

Ok your all signed up

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Anyone last minute sign ups?

I‘d like to do this route