16DEC21 / 2100Z - Whacky Racing: Salt Lake Slalom @ KSLC

Welcome back to Whacky Racing! We’re happy you’ve chosen this event to let your weirdness, impressive inverted flying abilities, and all-around goofiness. If you’re new here, this event series takes us into the funny side of flying on Infinite Flight, allowing you to fly races and aircraft that might not otherwise go together. In this series, we’ll use everything from the F14 to the DC-10F, the A350 to the XCub, and a whole lot more!

This event takes us to Salt Lake City, with a course winding around the mountains to the east of the airport. We’ll be flying the newly released A223, flying it so far out of its normal flight envelope you may as well be flying a brick. The course starts off with a long sprint east before turning back towards the airports and navigating the complex mountain route.

Don’t forget to post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #whackyracing. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos! You can also follow us on Twitch and YouTube to watch all our live streams each week!

Event Details

Event Specifics

Server: Casual
Aircraft: A223
Livery: Any

Event Plan

  1. Spawn at KSLC
  2. Fly the route set out by red TFR rings
  3. Land back at KSLC

Aircraft must follow the route set out by TFR gates. You must land and stop at KSLC to complete the event. Aircraft will be disqualified if they do not follow the route, crash, or do not use the correct aircraft.

NOTAMs Aircraft will be disqualified if rules are broken. This is a voluntary event with no prize for the winner [bar bragging, of course]


Nice! I love these!

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Oooo sounds fun I cant wait maybe we will get to see one of @AdamCallow s famous airshows

Unfortunately I’ll be so far ahead that you won’t be able to see.


Which runway will we take off from?

is there a live going that im supposed to be watching?

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Bruh where is all the ✈️

I think I’m gonna have to claim victory on that.

What a lovey fun race. Just, Just stopped short of the end of the runway. About a 1m away.

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Well that was fun! Can’t believe a staff member would crash tho…dumb 👀👀👀


I think we need to fire that staff member for showing poor piloting skills in public. If only we knew who it was…


that was awesome 😂(crashed tho 👀)(and went wrong way lol)

that’s was awesome!! defo came 1st 😎😎🤣

Awesome event! Was running low on fuel as well lol

Now how does one run out of fuel in an aircraft that can fly for 8hrs +… noob


But I was in the…


really fun guys! not ended up winning but racing is always nice. also i heard a staff member crashed?

What a fun event! It was nice to break the speed limit, and fly really close to others!

The best one was DeerCrusher flying on the F-22 and blasting past me. Oh and he almost crashed into me lol.
(dropping some proof here)