16AUG21 / 1600Z - Help for Kabul @ OAKB

16AUG21 / 1600Z - Help for Kabul @ OAKB

  • Aircraft and Livery: C17 USAF

  • Routes:
    -EGLL - OAKB
    -EHAM - OAKB
    -LFPG - OAKB
    -EDDF - OAKB
    -EDDM - OAKB

  • Time of Departure:
    Depending on where you choose to start from:
    -EGLL: 1600Z
    -EHAM: 1600Z
    -LFPG: 1600Z
    -EDDF: 1630Z
    -EDDM: 1700Z

  • Flightplans:
    You’re free to copy the appropriate flightplan from the following people:
    -At EGLL: @CrazyBee
    -At EHAM: @Robert_NG001
    -At LFPG: @CFG_Hawk
    -At EDDF: @Nefarious
    -At EDDM: @Marcel_NG002

  • Server: Expert Server

Additional Information:

Hi everyone!

I suppose everyone knows what horrible things are happening in Kabul at the moment. Many of you might’ve also seen videos of thousands of desperate people trying to escape at Kabul Airport.

Naturally we can’t do very much to support them or help them out of their misery, however we can, for one, spread awareness, and secondly, show that those who are left behind by the US, German and other governments, are not forgotten by us.

For that reason my friends and myself plan to do a military group flight from Frankfurt (EDDF), London Heathrow (EGLL), Paris (LFPG), Amsterdam (EHAM) and Munich (EDDM) into Kabul (OAKB).

It would be greatly appreciated if some of you could find the time to join us on our mission 🙂

Flightplans will be delivered about 1 hour before Departure, and the Line from all Airports will come together in the Austrian Area to form one big flight!
We will climb to FL330 @ 320 knots/M0.85

Of course you are welcome to join the route from any airport at any time, everyone is welcome!


I will be in EHAM waiting for the other Pilots.

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Awesome Idea!!! :)

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AIRmazing !!!


i will be waiting for you guys in about 10 Minutes :)

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I’ll wait for you in EGLL

Pleas spawn at Terminal 4 Aprons in the South. The Cargos Aprons are reserved for IFAE Members.
And lets have a nice flight ✈️


LFPG Terminal S4 for you guys :)

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Guy’s join us in EDDM! Still Time!

Marcel_NG002 is waiting there for you!


Currently we have an big line of C17 Globemaster all heading to Kabul come and join us.

But please always maintain 10nm Spacing to aircraft ahead 😉


Another Pilot from LHBP is joining us! Nice!

Thanks to „Just us 2“

Flying the Hi Fly a330 to Brize Norton rescuing British troops.

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Big Lift to Kabul

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I‘m in the DC-10F Air2Air Tanker. I‘m on the way to you



Nice to give some support! 👍


Thanks for joining us!

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No fule or no time because diverting to URSS

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