16AUG20 / 2000Z - Sun n' Fun Summer Flyout In Orlando! Recreating A Live Airport! @KMCO

Alright, you got it!

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Thank you sir

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Great news, @Bren_McDonell!

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Ill take this one!

I’ll take Gate 39 to chicago! NKVA042

MCO-ORD please for NKVA115

@Lukascrazydude for sure

@HarryH1 I’m going to give that gate to @Daniel_Christensen since he got there first. Is there another gate you want instead?

If there is a route that you want that isn’t on there as well let me know and I can get it in for you :)

I forgot, call sign is NKVA2

Alright, thank you.

I will take this gate

Sure can! See you there!

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Can I have this gate please?


Sure! See you there!

Does Allegiant still fly to KMCO?

Unfortunately no, Allegiant flys to SFB

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Make sure to request a callsign if you want one!

Can i get this gate?
Callsign: Southwest 2130

Nice choice! My hometown!


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Also my hometown

Oh sweet. See you there!

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