16AUG20 / 1800Z - We’re Going to Ibiza @ LEBL – LEIB


We’re going to Ibiza

Summer is coming to an end and while it’s still warm outside let’s go to Ibiza.
Ibiza is an island near the Spanish Coast and quite famous for parties. While you can throw parties there the island is in itself quite beautiful.
So get in your Vueling plane and join us for a trip to Ibiza.

  • Aircraft and Livery: A320, Vueling

  • Route: Barcelona (LEBL) 🇪🇸 - Ibiza (LEIB) 🇪🇸

  • Time of Departure: 1800Z, (2000 CET)

  • Server: Expert server

  • Additional Information:

Departing runway 7R, landing runway 06

Altitude: FL240 (24,000ft)
Speed: 230/285/.78


  • I won’t be responsible for any violations
  • please respect unicom
  • please respect each other
  • have fun

Hope to see you there 🌅


Looks cool, I’ll take a gate. :)

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Alright, see you there😁

I’ll take a gate. Might get busy so I’ll let you know but I’ll try to make it work

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Okay, hope to see you there mate😄

Departing in 30

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