16AUG20 / 1330Z - AIVA Presents: The Great Independence Day Flyout @ VIDP

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About Our Capital

Delhi the Capital of India was officially formed in 1911. Through most of its history, Delhi has served as a Capital to various Kingdoms and empire. Delhi is also known as the National Capital Territory (NCT of Delhi). NCT covers an area of 1484 square kilometers. In the 20th century, Delhi is one of the Metropolitan city of India. Delhi has a 17th Century Market named Chandni Chowk and now to the World-class Shopping Malls.

Delhi’s culture has been influenced by its lengthy history and historic association as the capital of India, Although a strong Punjabi influence can be seen in language, Dress and Cuisine brought by a large number of migrants from other parts of India has made it a melting pot.

Religious festivals include Diwali (the festival of lights), Mahavir Jayanti, Guru Nanak’s Birthday, Raksha Bandhan, Durga Puja, Holi, Lohri, Chauth, Krishna Janmashtami, Maha Shivratri, Eid ul-Fitr, Moharram and Buddha Jayanti. The festivals depict that " Delhi is One for all and all for one "

Delhi’s Aviation history starts with Safdurjung Airport ( currently Closed) then to Palam Airport (Currently with AF) and then to Indira Gandhi International Airport. IGIA has 3 Terminals and in the financial year, 2020 IGIA has handled more than 67 million passengers. IGAI is still in expansion mode with an extra Runway and Terminal 4 as AAI targets to serve 100 Million passengers till 2030.


Delhi International Airport or also known Indra Gandhi International Airport is India’s biggest airport located right in the center of the National Capital Region. With flights to over 100 different countries, the capital sees nearly 70 million passengers and 1 million tons of cargo every year.

Annually the airport sees around 450 thousand aircraft movements per year with nearly 25-30% of them being international Flights. The airport has 3 major runways to handle much of the traffic as it serves more than 40+ airlines and 20+ cargo based airlines.

As of 2019, Indra Gandhi International Airport serves more than 100+ destinations around the globe and is the hub for 9 airlines.

For more Information on Indra Gandhi International Airport, you can refer to the following Wikipedia page.

Airport Name & ICAO: Indra Gandhi International Airport (VIDP)

Date and time: 2020-08-16T13:30:00Z2020-08-16T14:30:00Z

Server: Expert Server

Over here you will find multiple routes to select from whether you’re a long or short hauler we have aircrafts and destinations of every type to match your need and expectation.

International Routes
Origin Destintion Airline Aircraft Gate PushbackTime User Callsign
Delhi Bangkok Air India B788 T2 42
Delhi Chicago Air India B77L T3 B15 13:35Z @anon2790671 AIVA054ROH
Delhi Copenhagen Air India B788 T3 C28 13:35Z @Advait_Unni AIVA095
Delhi Colombo Air India A321 T3 B18 @Aravind_Narayanan AIVA113
Delhi Dhaka Air India A321 T3 C33 13:35Z @Sierra_Golf AIVA090
Delhi Doha Air India B788 T3 D37 13:35Z @RadarVectors_Mumbai AIVA083
Delhi Dubai Air India A321 T3 R01 13:35Z @Henry AIVA081
Delhi Frankfurt Air India B788 Ramp 92 13:35Z @Ritesh321 AIVA108
Delhi Kabul Air India A321 T3 D60 13:35Z @Kintul_Shah AIVA022
Delhi Kathmandu Air India A321 T3 D62
Delhi London Air India B77L T3 A03 13:35Z @TommoBoyy
Delhi Madrid Air India B788 T3 B17
Delhi Melbourne Air India B788 T3 C30 13:35Z @Prashant_Thakur AIVA075
Delhi Newark Air India B77L T3 D39 @HarryH1 AIVA068
Delhi Newark Air India B77L T3 R02 13:40Z @Ritesh321 AIVA108
Delhi Oman Air India A321 T3 E64 13:40Z @Divyansh_Tandon AIVA025
Delhi Paro Air India A321 T3 E84 @vaibhav_singh AIVA115
Delhi Paro Air India A321 T3 D58 @Noodle_Duck AIVA015
Delhi San Francisco Air India B77L T3 B17 13:40Z @IFINDIA AIVA036
Delhi San Francisco Air India B77L T3 B19 @DittoAbraham350 AIVA097
Delhi San Francisco Air India B77L T3 C32 @Raveesh AIVA049
Delhi Stockholm Air India B788 T3 A07
Delhi Tel Aviv Air India B788 Ramp 90 13:40Z @Cloudrush
Delhi Tokyo Air India B788 T3 R08
Delhi Toronto Air India B77L T3 A08 13:35Z @Mafiaviation AIVA098
Delhi Yangon Air India A321 T3 E82
Delhi Moscow Sherometyva Aeroflot A333 T3 A09
Delhi Toronto Air Canada B789 T3 B20 @sanketpandia AIVA109
Delhi Beijing-Capital Air China A333 T2 47
Delhi Paris CDG Air France B772 Ramp 89
Delhi Mauritius Air Mauritius A359 Ramp 88
Delhi Rome Alitalia B772 Ramp 87
Delhi Tokyo Haneda ANA B78X T3 A10
Delhi London British Airways B789 T3 B21 13:35Z @AviatorNikola CTNV001
Delhi HongKong Cathay Pacific A333 T2 48
Delhi Dubai Emirates B77W T3 C29
Delhi Addis Ababa Ethiopian A359 Ramp 86
Delhi Abu Dhabi Etihad A321 T3 E80
Delhi Helsinki Finnair A359 T3 C31
Delhi Amsterdam KLM B772 T3 A12
Delhi Seoul Korean Air B772 T3 B22
Delhi Warsaw LOT B788 Ramp 85
Delhi Munich Lufthansa B744 T3 C27 13:40Z @Hari NSV2203S
Delhi Muscat Oman Air A333 T2 41
Delhi Doha Qatar B788 T3 B24 @DhruvChopra QRV136
Delhi Jeddah Saudia A333 T3 84b
Delhi Singapore Singapore Airline A380 T3 A11 13:35Z @InfiniteArya Singapore 719
Delhi Colombo Sri Lankan A321 T3 D78
Delhi Zurich Swiss A333 T2 49
Delhi Bangkok Thai B772 T3 A01
Delhi Istanbul Turkish Airways B77W T3 A14
Delhi Kiev Ukranian International Airlines B772 T3 C34
Delhi San Fransico United B789 T3 B26 13:35Z @Krsh7 AIVA007
Delhi Manchaster Virgin Atlantic A346 T3 A13
Delhi Chengdu Indigo A321 T3 D54
Delhi Istanbul Indigo A321 T3 E76
Delhi Doha Indigo A321 T3 D56
Domestic Routes
Origin Destintion Airline Aircraft Gate PushbackTime User Callsign
Delhi Ahmedabad Air India A321 T3 D41
Delhi Amritsar Air India B788 T2 43
Delhi Bengaluru Air India A321 T3 E74 13:35Z @Mukundan_Srivatsa N/A
Delhi Bhubneshwar Air India A321 T3 D43
Delhi Chandigarh Air India A321 T3 E72
Delhi Chennai Air India A321 T3 D45
Delhi Cochin Air India A321 T3 E70
Delhi Goa Air India A321 T3 D47
Delhi Hyderabad Air India A321 T3 E68
Delhi Jammu Air India A321 T3 D49 13:35Z @THEREALBKG AIVA058
Delhi Kolkata Air India B788 T2 49 13:35Z @Soham_Sarkar AIVA004
Delhi Male Air India A321 T3 E66
Delhi Mumbai Air India B77L T2 44 13:35Z @indraniel AIVA001
Delhi Trivandrum Air India A321 T3 D51
Delhi Cochin Indigo A320 T3 D53
Delhi Kolkata Indigo A320 T3 D54
Delhi Goa Indigo A320 T3 D46
Delhi Hyderabad Indigo A320 T3 D48
Delhi Mumbai Indigo A320 T3 D50
Delhi Patna Indigo A320 Stand19
Delhi Ranchi Indigo A320 Stand20
Delhi Kozhikode Indigo A320 Stand21
Delhi Damman Indigo A320 Stand 22
Delhi Coimbatore Indigo A320 Stand 23
Delhi Pune SpiceJet B739 Stand 24
Delhi PortBlair SpiceJet B739 Stand 25
Delhi Guhawti SpiceJet B739 Stand 26
Delhi Dehradun SpiceJet Q400 Stand 27 13:35Z @FlyCymru101
Delhi Indore SpiceJet Q400 Stand 28
Cargo Routes
Origin Destintion Airline Aircraft Gate PushbackTime User Callsign
Delhi Istanbul - Atuturk Turkish A33F Cargo Terminal 98
Delhi Cologne UPS A33F Cargo Terminal 99
Delhi Addis Ababa Ethiopian MD-11F Cargo Terminal 100
Delhi Frankfurt Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F Cargo Terminal 101
Delhi Guangzhou FedEx DC-10F Cargo Terminal 102
Delhi Seoul Incheon Korean Air Cargo B77F Cargo Terminal 103
Delhi Leipzing/Halle DHL B752 Cargo Terminal 104
Delhi Dubai UPS B752 Cargo Terminal 105
Delhi Doha Qatar Cargo B77F Cargo Terminal 106

In this section you will find all important event-related instructions and recommended procedures for your smooth sailing around and out of the airport.

General NOTAMS
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) has a bunch of destinations all across the globe. We cannot fly to all the various routes that Delhi offers but we can have a glimpse of the various destinations Delhi has to offer.

  • Please leave the route you would like to fly down in the thread and we would be happy to assign you, pilots, with a gate.

  • If you wish to fly a route of your choice please be sure to pick from our list only.

  • Please make sure that all the pilots are present at their respective gate at least 15-20 mins prior to departure time.

  • Pushback is not allowed at the same time during the event, please follow the time given.

  • Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary violations. In case of absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM.

  • This event is a very special event for all of us at Air India Virtual and we would really appreciate it if all your pilots would take the time to join us during the celebration of our independence and make this a special one.

  • Air India Virtual takes or bears no responsibility for the pilots reported for offenses during this event.


Pilots are requested to only use RWY 10 and 11 for departure. Here are a list of Departures (SID’s) in all cardinal directions :

North :

SP5T - 10

West :

BUTO5E - 10
BUTO5F - 11

East :

ALI5E - 10
ALI5F - 11

South :

AKRI5E - 10
AKRI5F - 11



Here you can find all details about our partner for the event.

Indigo Virtual

Hello and welcome to IndiGo Virtual. We here at IndiGo Virtual strive for excellence and try to maintain the utmost realism in Infinite Flight. We operate the highest number of destinations across the Indian subcontinent compared to other Indian virtual airlines in Infinite Flight. Come discover new places all across India and with every airport a different story to tell, we are sure that you will have the best virtual airline experience in infinite flight.


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Sign me up! for Delhi to dubai


Can u assign me Delhi-San Francisco Air India B77L Ramp 91. My call sign is AIVA054


Chicago. Gate 15 please


gate : B15

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DELHI - TORONTO / Air India B77L / T3-A08 @MAFiA AIVA098

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I will be flying Delhi - Sydney Air India B788 from T3 Gate R03. My Callsign is AIVA029.

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Hope to see the pilots colour the Infinite Flight skies with our beautiful birds!


Can i take Gate D49 to Jammu, callsign AIVA058


Delhi Toronto Air Canada B789 T3 B20

Please sign me up for Air Canada’s Delhi Toronto sir . Call sign : AIVA109

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Sign me up for Delhi - Doha AI B788 T3 D37, my CallSign is AIVA083

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Alright then put on the Delhi-Doha for Qatar Airways
Standby as off now

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Can I have the SpiceJet q400 to anywhere please

Would like to fly VIDP-KIAD (Route is using 787-8 now will have to check with company AIVA to see if they will update the route) for AIVA068 please.

Need Delhi to kolkata gate | AIVA004.

Hey can i take the route Delhi-Dubai ,Air India A321, T3 R01. If this is not available then,
Delhi-Oman, Air India, A321, T3 E64 this will work too


Delhi to Tel Aviv please. Ramp 90. AIVA023


I would like to have Delhi Chennai Air India A321 T3 D45 AIVA 178

Thanks and Happy Independence Day

Callsign - NSV2203S

Please assign me to DELHI-MELBOURNE/ Air India B788/T3-A08 .My Callsign - AIVA075