16APR23: The Massive Louisville Flyout DEPARTED

i have a 115 kt tail wind

Thanks for the great flyout like always !

That wind made that takeoff really tough… wasn’t expecting it either.

lucky man might need to climb FL34,000

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Hey @United403 Thanks for the event, it was great!

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Thanks to everyone who came! It was an amazing turnout

if you loved this event, make sure to check out my other events! Buffalo NY is next week!

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53m till i arrive to KMSP

Feel free to chat in here during yall’s flights and remember to share pictures


No way we could miss out on our home getting some love. Thanks for hosting. Consider us down for any other you ever throw here.


I’ll post a UPS group photo when I land

??? um um um

Wait something went wrong

Where did you pull that?

I just clicked on the Kai Tak link But my laptop is also acting weird now I think the page loading didn’t go well

It’s too bad that I couldn’t attend this event. Luckily I’ll get another chance to fly Sun Country in another event

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winds are exactly the same in minneapolis 😬 gonna be fun to try and butter this one


Here’s the UPSV photo


hey thats me in the last pic 😎

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I see my adopted Airbus