16APR22 / 1400Z - Hello, Goodbye! Cape Town @ FACT

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Yep! As stated in the event title, by joining this event, you’ll get to either say “Hello” or “Goodbye” and even both to our beloved Cape Town! In other words, this event is a fly-out and a fly-in! I chose Cape Town for this event because I’ve never in my life host an event in Africa or even fly (in Infinite Flight) above the land of Africa except for the time I flew to Kilimanjaro quite a while ago. With that being said, it’s time to cut to the chase!

This Event Is An Official Infinite Flight Event.


Event Details

Airport: FACT - Cape Town International
Date and Time: 2022-04-16T13:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server


Frequency Controller
ATIS @Henrik003
Ground @Henrik003
Tower @Henrik003
Approach -
Center -


There will be no gate assignments as this event is an Official Event. However, we listed some of our favorite routes from and to Johannesburg to be flown by you guys for the event. Of Course, feel free to fly other routes.

Destination/Origin Airline Aircraft Flight Time
Johannesburg South African Airways/Mango/Comair A333/B738 02:00
London LHR British Airways/Virgin Atlantic B772/A333 12:05
Frankfurt Lufthansa A333/A346 12:05
Addis Ababa Ethiopian B788 06:25
Dubai Emirates B77W 09:30
Amsterdam KLM B789/B772 11:40
Munich Lufthansa A359 11:30
Doha Qatar B77W 09:45
Zurich Edelweiss A333 11:25
Istanbul Turkish Airlines A333 10:25
Nairobi Kenya Airways B738 05:45


  • Please spawn in to your assigned gate 10-15 Minutes Prior To Departure, and please start Pushing-Back 5 Minutes Before Departure Time.

  • If ATC aren’t present, please use UNICOM professionally.

  • Use ATC properly.

  • Stay professional at all times.

  • If you receive a violation(s), please do not blame us. You may try to appeal them by PMing @appeals.

  • Reduce taxi speed to avoid collisions.

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Hi could I get gate A03 please

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Hey, @Haydentheavgeek would love to take GTS 😊

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@Avaitor1 Done!
@Henrik003 Done!

I’ll take this one.

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Done! See You There!

Are there any 737-700BBJ, Citation, or C208/TBM stands (away from the terminals and gates) for an inbound flight @Haydentheavgeek?

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If you would like to do an inbound flight, sign-up is not required.

Cool! I’ll see if I can make it. I was just curious if they were available so I would not take up a gate in a C208 when airliners are needing them more than me

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Could have the Flight to Amsterdam but could I please fly in a B789 instead?

Hello, Hayden! Awesome event. We’d really love to officially feature this on our social medias and potentially even stream it, pending availability. Would you be open to removing gate assignments or allowing participants to join without an assignment? Cheers!


Can I take B14 for LHR 77W BA ?

This one please!

May I have this?

Of Course, will get into it right away!

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@Avaitor1 @CaptainE @KSM_King_Storm @AviatorEgcc @RyMan @bleu

I removed your Gate Assignments as this event is now an official event. Continue to fly your assigned flights without signing up. This also means that you can fly any other route and spawn at any gate. See you all there!


i forgot my gate lol

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Spawn at any gate :)

Thanks so much, Hayden! Streaming will be pending Dan’s availability, but this will indeed be advertised on our official social media and we look forward to bringing more attention to your awesome event!


I‘m here :)

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