[16 Attending] #ReworkThe757: The Official Event @KRNT - 080900ZSEP19


Created and hosted by @Bray and @Azure

Known as the “Ferrari of commercial jets”, the 757 is an amazing, versatile, and beautiful aircraft. Since 1983, the 757 has been flying for airlines around the globe, and its operators are scrambling to replace it. However, no other airplane can compare with the the 757.

A different story exists in Infinite Flight. Almost no one flies this aircraft because of its many flaws. While in real life, the 757 can easily embark on long haul routes, in IF it struggles to fly even the shortest transatlantic flights. In contrast to real life, the 757 looks disproportionate and clumsy, in addition to the unrealistically high amount of thrust needed to taxi, unchecked takeoff v/s, and nose-down cruise. It does not have pilots, an interior, live instruments, wingflex, or scimitar winglets, numerous 757 variants are not included in Infinite Flight, many 757 liveries are not in the simulator, and the liveries that exist are often inaccurate.

To raise awareness for this badly needed rework, we decided to host an event.

Event Details

Server-Casual Server (Will be determined in event PM)

Aircraft-Boeing 757-200 (Any Livery)

Departure Airport- Renton Municipal Airport (RNT/KRNT)

Arrival Airport-San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO)

Departure Time- 2019-09-08T21:00:00Z

Flight Details

Follow The Leader (@Bray) to San Fransisco

Flight Plan: KRNT SEA ELMAA 4635N/12321W

To showcase the 757’s overpowered engines, we will be climbing to 7000 feet at 8000vs and full power.

Projected Flight Time-TBD

Cruising Altitude-FL360 (36,000 feet)

Cruising Speed- M 0.81

Gate Assignments

Gate Aircraft Livery Callsign Pilot
Boeing 757-01 Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines ReworkThe757 @Bray
Boeing 757-02 Boeing 757-200 Northwest Airlines ReworkThe757 @Azure
Boeing 757-03 Boeing 757-200 TBD ReworkThe757 @Ecoops123
Boeing 757-04 Boeing 757-200 UPS ReworkThe757 @Yacht
Boeing 757-05 Boeing 757-200 Thomson Airways ReworkThe757 @Manav_Suri
GA 01 Boeing 757-200 Allegiant Air ReworkThe757 @Big_Elijah
GA 02 Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines ReworkThe757 @Gtmkm98
GA 03 Boeing 757-200 United Airlines ReworkThe757 @Dr_Richie
GA 04 Boeing 757-200 TBD ReworkThe757 @KGJT-9149
GA 05 Boeing 757-200 TBD ReworkThe757 @Alpha_Tango
Boeing 737-01 Boeing 757-200 American Airlines (New) ReworkThe757 @Butter_Boi
Boeing 737-02 Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines ReworkThe757 @Armani_B
Boeing 737-03 Boeing 757-200 American Airlines (Old) ReworkThe757 @tinytinnytin
Boeing 737-04 Boeing 757-200 Delta Air Lines ReworkThe757 @Alex_Kyte
Boeing 737-05 Boeing 757-200 TBD #ReworkThe757 @anon2063420


Gate Aircraft Livery Display Name Pilot
TBD Boeing 757-200 DHL ReworkThe757 @Joseph_Krol

More gates will be added as needed.

Liveries To Choose From

Airlines Cargo Operators Military Operators
Aeromexico DHL United States Air Force
Allegiant Air UPS
American Airlines (old)
American Airlines (2013)
British Airways
Delta Air Lines
Northwest Airlines
Thomas Cook
Thomson Airways
United Airlines
United Airlines (Star Alliance)
US Airways

Why we chose KRNT

Renton Municipal Airport (RNT/KRNT) in Renton, Washington, was the location of the final assembly line and testing of the Boeing 757.

Why we chose KSFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO/KSFO) serves the location of Infinite Flight’s headquarters. Therefore, it is the place where reworks are created and the area in which to promote a refresh of the 757.

Boeing 757 Fun Facts

The 757 is categorized as a heavy aircraft by the FAA because of the wake turbulence it creates.

1,050 757s had been produced by 2004, when the 757 ended production.


List Of All (Operating) 757 Liveries And Variants Not Currently In Infinite Flight


Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Source 4

Event Logo Credit - @CaptainBarney

Event Details Template Credit: @Balloonchaser


Yeah sure, why not? Sign me up!


Shouldn’t this technically be put in #live:groupflights?


What livery would you like to fly?

It’s on August 31, so no

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Urmmmm… let me think 😂

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Group flights take place within 3 hours of the making of the topic.

Ah okay thanks

This is incredibly extra and petty and I love it.

Sign me up.

Might want to change the server to casual to allow “full display” of physics though.


Sign me up! Thompson Livery with callsign TUIV003


Never seen such Event like this before, ever. 🤣

One day I’ll choose a gate if I had time.


I’ll check if I can make it, but can u change the server to casual? That way we can display the broken physics

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I call gate ga3 with a United 757


Gave me a good laugh 😂

@Yacht, @Manav_Suri, and @Dr_Richie, you are signed up.

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk And @Hymenopus_Coronatus, would you like me to put you on standby?


Yes, might not be able to make it tho

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Ok, thanks for joining!

What time will it be? Its usually really early for us in AU

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It’ll be at 2019-08-31T16:00:00Z

This looks really cool! Can I have a gate please?


Thanks for attending @Big_Elijah! What livery will you fly?

@Yacht and @Hymenopus_Coronatus, what liveries will you fly?