15SEP23 | Warsaw Fly-out!

Warsaw Fly-out

Warsaw is a capital city of Poland,the population is 8 minlion inhabitants.In Warsaw there is a biggest airport in Poland,Warsaw Chopin Airport,have 110 destinations!

Details: Lot polish Airlines is the company of Poland,have interesting fleet,he can fly to JFK,Chicago,Los Angeles,Miami,Toronto,Beijing,Seoul,Tokyo

Server: Expert

Airport: Warsaw Chopin Airport ICAO:EPWA

Time: September 15th 2023

Terminal A

Gate 01

Gate 02

Gate 02

Gate 03

Gate 04

Gate 05

Gate 06

Gate 07

Gate 08

Gate 09

Gate 10

Gate 11

Gate 12

Gate 13

Gate 14

Gate 15

Gate 16

Gate 17

Gate 18

Gate 19

Gate 20

Gate 21

Gate 22

Gate 23

Gate 24


ATC Ground:

ATC Tower:


ATC Departure:

ATC Approach:

ATC Center:

Enjoy guys,the Warsaw Fly-out start in September 15th !

I take Gate 05 Lot 738,Bucharest


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