15OCT23: The Missoula Fly-in


Welcome to The Missoula Fly-in hosted by @Butter575. Based in the state of Montana, Missoula is an amazing and underrated city. With amazing scenery all around, I decided to host a fly-in to this unique and underrated city. Join me as I fill up KMSO!

Event Specifics:

Airport: KMSO
Server: Expert
Date: 15OCT23
Type: Fly-in


For this event, there are no specific gate assignments. Instead you sign up for a flight and once you land, you can taxi to an open gate of your choice. Please use flight connections to find a realistic flight to Missoula.

Airline Aircraft Departure City User
Alaska E175 Portland @United403
Alaska E175 Portland @Prestoni
American E175 Chicago @AirCanada11
American E175 Los Angeles @Samtheboss_1
Alaska E175 Seattle @Skyline_AV
Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis @Mort
Allegiant A320 Phoenix @AviationAlpha
American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth @RagonDragon
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -


ATIS: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Approach: @BenjiTheBull


  • I am not responsible for any violations
  • Follow all instructions for arrival
  • Maintain appropriate separation
  • Spawn in during assigned wave
  • Act professionally


American Eagle from LAX E-175

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United express crj-700 from denver

Alaska Skywest E175 from Portland

All three of you have been added

I may or may not be following you eventually

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Won’t be able to come bc of school but I have drove right by that airport it’s very nice

It’s on a Sunday?

Oh I must have read it wrong

It’s on a friday

October 15th is a Sunday, not September

Ah f I was looking at September 💀

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Sign me up Alaska 175 from pdx

Sure thing.

Delta e175 to slc

I’ll get you down (It’s a Fly-in btw)

Read it wrong still sign me up though


American E175 Chicago

I’ll get you down

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172 from Bozeman please