15OCT22 / 1700z - Welcoming 22.7 | A KLM E175 Flyout w/ AFKLM @ EHAM

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Welcoming 22.7 | KLM E175 Flyout

Take the helm of the skies as an AFKLM Airmen today!

The long awaited rework of all time is finally released and we are all here for it. What better way to celebrate the arrival of such an anticipated update, than with an AFKLM event? We welcome one and all to an E175 Flyout from our HUB, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. For this event we have featured the routes flown in real life with the KLM Cityhopper E175. Airmen may choose their route from the list below. We are extremely happy to welcome all of you onboard to join us in this fantastic flyout. In this flyout, you will see some of our AFKLM pilots and we hope to see you. Departure will be on the 15th of October 2022 at 1700z. See you there!

Are you an AFKLM Airmen? Then this is for you! We will organise plenty group flights during the day in our Group Flights forum and host a 1 month Discord Classic giveaway in the evening to mark the end of this grand event and the start of many E175 flights in KLM colours (finally!) ;). Stay tuned for more!

Where was the first E175 KLM flight operated to?

  • Brussels
  • London City
  • Stavanger
  • Frankfurt
  • Zurich
  • Hannover

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Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 1 - Event Details

Flight Details

Server: Expert
Day/Time: Saturday 2022-10-15T17:00:00Z
Departure Airport : Amsterdam Schiphol Airport [EHAM]

If planning on attending the event, please mark as Going in order to receive reminders before the event.

Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 2 - Destinations

At AFKLM, we strive for realism and professionalism in all aspects. It is what fuels us. A list of destinations have been prepared which is exclusively flown to and from by the E175 KLM Cityhopper. The Cityhopper network is diverse and really brings out the beauty of the entire region. The destinations have been listed in an ascending order based on the distance from the HUB.

Destination Airport ICAO Destination City Flight Time 3D
EDDL Düsseldorf 0hr 30min
EBBR Brussels 0hr 30min
EGSH Norwich 0hr 35min
EDDW Bremen 0hr 40min
ELLX Luxembourg 0hr 45min
EGNJ Humberside 0hr 45min
EDDV Hannover 0hr 50min
EGBB Birmingham 0hr 50min
EDDF Frankfurt 0hr 50min
EGNM Leeds 0hr 50min
EDDS Stuttgart 0hr 50min
EDDN Nuremberg 0hr 50min
EKBI Billund 0hr 55min
EDDH Hamburg 0hr 55min
EGGD Bristol 1hr 00min
LZSH Zurich 1hr 00min
EGHI Southampton 1hr 00min
EGNV Teesside 1hr 00min
LFSB Basel Mulhouse Freiburg 0hr 50min
EDDC Dresden 1hr 00min
EGNT Newcastle 1hr 00min
EGFF Cardiff 1hr 00min
EKCH Copenhagen 1hr 05min
EKYT Aalborg 1hr 05min
ENCN Kristiansand 1hr 10min
EDDM Munich 1hr 10min
LSGG Geneva 1hr 10min
EGPD Aberdeen 1hr 10min
ESGG Gothenburg 1hr 10min
LFLL Lyon 1hr 10min
ENZV Stavanger 1hr 15min
EGAC Belfast 1hr 15min
LKPR Prague 1hr 15min
LIMF Turin 1hr 20min
EPPO Poznan 1hr 20min
EIDW Dublin 1hr 20min
ENTO Oslo Sandefjord 1hr 20min
LIPE Bologna 1hr 25min
EICK Cork 1hr 25min
LOWG Graz 1hr 30min
EGPE Inverness 1hr 30min
ESSL Linkoping 1hr 30min
LIMJ Genoa 1hr 40min
LFMN Nice 1hr 40min
EPWR Wroclaw 1hr 45min
ENVA Trondheim 1hr 50min
ENAL Alesund 1hr 50min

🟢 The list has been updated to reflect 3D airports released in 22.7.

Airport ICAO highlighted denotes an airport has just been released and you should try it out! Kudos to the Airport Editors.

Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 3 - Crew Resources

Everyone is asked to spawn in between 1630-1700z and are asked to push back in an orderly fashion. You may choose when to push back but please avoid doing it at exactly 1700z and rather 10-30mins later. Of course, if you need to get moving you are welcome to pushback earlier we just want to spread them out. We strongly recommend airmen to utilise the A-Apron and B Pier for added realism.

Additionally, any airport charts for the destination, you must provide yourself.

In-Depth Flight Details

Main Details

Flight details must be provided by yourself. We strongly recommend to use websites such as FPLTOIF, Simbrief etc in order to facilitate a realistic flight. If you are new to these resources, we will be happy to help and show you around.

Main communication will be on the thread.

The below chart depicts the layout of the A Aprons and B Pier which are used in real life by the E-Jet’s at EHAM.

Departure Procedures

Please file a SID in your FPL to get out of the airport without any conflicts
On the day of event, we will brief the airmen on the runway usage and taxi routes
Follow all instructions given by IFATC
Avoid contact with any other aircraft
Please be patient

Airport Charts

Charts – Dutch VACC – As Real As It Gets

Current Runway Usage

Runway use | LVNL


Airport Information


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, EHAM, was officially founded in 1920, but the first plane landed there on 19th September 1916. The airfield was first used as a military base, but when civil aviation became more and more popular and is now home to one of our core airlines, KLM.

Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 5 - Youtube

This event will be streamed live on the Infinite Flight YouTube Channel. You can watch it below!

Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 4 - NOTAM

Notice To Airmen:

[ 1 ] This event is open to all IFC members, including non-AIRFRANCE-KLM VA pilots.

[ 2 ] In the circumstance where our event is featured by Infinite Flight, airmen can utilise the destinations to fly in and out of the airport all day. However, the main event is only to take place at 1700z.

[ 3 ] Attendees are asked to spawn in 10 minutes before their scheduled departure time.

[ 4 ] Pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times.

[ 5 ] For this particular event, we are NOT accepting sign-up’s and allotting gates.

[ 6 ] Wait until the aircraft ahead of you ahead has reached 2000ft AGL before entering the runway and beginning your take-off roll.

[ 7 ] Maximum taxi speed on the ground is 20kts on straightaways, 9kts on turns.

[ 8 ] Contact AFKLM Staff through this account if you have any issues or doubts.

[ 9 ] For any violations issued, we are not to be held accountable. If a violation has been issued to you, use this link to appeal if you think it’s baseless.

[ 10 ] Most importantly, have fun during the event and enjoy your flight!

Welcoming 22.7 - Subtitle Banners - 6 - About Us


We are AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual

Established in 2017, AIRFRANCE-KLM Virtual Group (AFKLMVA) is among the elite virtual airlines operating inside the Infinite Flight mobile flight simulator community. In addition to legacy carriers Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airways, low-cost subsidiaries HOP! and Transavia are part of the AFKLMVA portfolio. Cargo service is provided by Air France Cargo and Martinair.

We offer mature aviation enthusiasts a well-organized Virtual Airline platform and a relaxed, friendly culture to ensure that you enjoy the journey. With 33 planes in our fleet, 319 destinations across the globe, a detailed flight operations system and a flight training academy for new pilots, plus a mix of dynamic events, we specialize in one thing and one thing only: providing the ultimate VA experience.

We are the community’s choice for the Best Virtual Airline in 2021. We have also been awarded the Best #live:va Topic, Best VA/VO Staff Member and Best VA/VO Website.

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Graphics: @hass.ik
Pictures: @infiniteflight @IF-Mallorca @AFKLM-xRqvens @KJKLM281 @Sierra_Golf
Thread: @Manav_Suri
AFKLM thanks @Tyler_Shelton for his co-operation and undying support to bring this event to life.


Space Reserved

Let’s make Europe blue!


Yay!!! Some more 65% trim landings?


See you guys at EHAM this Saturday!!!

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Hello AFKLMVA, do we need to reserve spots for these flights?

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Hello @NGM116!

For this particular event, no reservations of any kind - be it gates or routes are required. Simply pick where you’d like to go and spawn ;)

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

Event will now be live streamed on the official YouTube channel of Infinite Flight!


That’s nice

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Can we spawn into Amsterdam to do flights ourselves as long as we don’t interfere with the event?

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Hello @BennyBoy_Alpha! Greetings of the day.

This event is open to everyone. There would be no interference of any sort! The destinations given in the thread are just realistic recommendations. Go crazy with your route choice if you’d like to :)

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

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Okey dokey. Thanks!

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Just a heads up your 3D airport list isn’t entirely accurate as EGAC has been 3D for a while now :)

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Hello @Michael!

I am terribly sorry. Made the right changes ;)

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

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please confirm there is no need to sign up for a gate?🤙🏽

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Confirmed! No gate assignments whatsoever 😊

Air France - KLM Virtual Group
Chief Human Resources Officer

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Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 5.20.18 PM


The first commercial E175 Cityhopper flight was conducted on 27th March, 2016 from Amsterdam Schiphol to Stavanger. With Stavanger being 3D in-app, this route is a must-try and is our very own featured route for the event.
London City (EGLC) which is currently the most favoured in the poll is actually not a destination for the E175’s since they are not rated to fly the steep approach.


I will come! Seems interesting.

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The E175 isn’t but the E190 is (which regularly flies into LCY).

That is strange….