15OCT21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Live a Little, Love a LOT @ EPWA

Your name fits the occasion i should say😂🤣 @HappyDays
Happy Days!

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They sure are!


I’ll depart in a couple of hours from Williams Field (NZWD) to Warsaw, with an AeroLogic 777F. Just in case someone want to join for a long flight :-D


poland will get the love it deserves


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So hyped for this!! Will be grinding out some LOTVA flights tomorrow!


So many options! Another great FNF. Looking forward to flying and controlling!

Willy Field (Antartica) to Warsaw…now that IS an original route!

This will be a nice FNF and Basel my homebase is in the airport list 😍

LFSB - EPWA: 1:41 Flight WizzAir A320/A321

Amazing FNF Misha! Finally in my country! 😍🇵🇱


Probably gonna fly LKPR - EPWA tommorow. Anyone in to do it with me?!

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Another great FNF. Looking forward to it guys.

Great! Another awesome FNF. Thanks @MishaCamp



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Hi there! I was your approach controller, and I will DM you!

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Sure - let me know when :)

I’ll start flying from LKPR to EPWA on casual server at 3:45 - 4:00 EST (GMT -5:00)

That time already passed lol. Whats the Zulu / GMT time?

This will be amazing about to fly

Nice Event!

Oh so that’s why there’s a huge blob at WAW rn…