15NOV23 | 0800Z | Saudia Airlines Virtual Presents: The Jeddah Fly-Out | OEJN

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Hello IFC! Welcome to event hosted by Saudia Airlines Virtual, The Jeddah Fly-out! We will be hosting an event at our main hub in Jeddah (OEJN), Saudi Arabia. On behalf of the airline’s management and all our members, we look forward to your participation and support in our event.

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  • Airport: King Abdulaziz International Airport OEJN/JED — Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Date: 2023-11-15T09:00:00Z
  • Server: Expert
  • ATC: In this event, it is open for any IFATC controller who wishes to control any frequency at OEJN

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King Abdulaziz International Airport (OEJN) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, is a major airport with an extensive network of destinations and routes. It serves both domestic and international destinations, connecting Saudi Arabia to cities worldwide. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in pilgrimage routes to Mecca and Medina. Several airlines operate at this airport, providing numerous travel options for passengers.

If you wish to book a specific gate, simply reply to this thread with the gate you’d like to reserve. Below, you’ll find information regarding the available gates.

  • Note: To reserve a specific gate, you’ll need to provide precise information about your flight, for example: Terminal 1C, Gate C2 to Los Angeles — KLAX with Saudia 777W (SV023).

Terminal 1A — International
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate A1 London Heathrow (EGLL) Saudia Airlines B787-9 @Nezuko Saudia 001VA
Gate A2
Gate A3
Gate A4
Gate A5
Gate A6
Gate A7
Gate A8
Gate A9
Gate A10
Gate A11
Gate A12
Gate A13
Gate A14
Gate A15
Gate A16
Gate A17
Remote A21
Remote A22
Remote A23
Remote A24
Remote A25
Remote A26
Remote A27
Remote A28
Remote A29
Terminal 1B — International
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Remote B21
Remote B22
Remote B23
Remote B24
Remote B25
Remote B26
Remote B27
Remote B28
Remote B29
Terminal 1C — International
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate C1
Gate C2
Gate C3
Gate C4
Gate C5
Gate C6
Gate C7
Gate C8
Gate C9
Gate C10
Gate C11
Gate C12
Remote C21
Remote C22
Remote C23
Remote C24
Remote C25
Remote C26
Remote C27
Remote C28
Remote C29
Remote C30
HAJ Terminal West — International
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate 7-1
Gate 7-2
Gate 7-3
Gate 7-4
Gate 7-5
Gate 7-6
Gate 7-7
Gate 7-8
Gate 7-9
Gate 7-10
Gate 7-11
Gate 7-12
Gate 7-13
Gate 7-14
Gate 7-15
Gate 7-16
Gate 7-17
Gate 7-18
Gate 7-19
Gate 7-20
HAJ Terminal East — Domestic
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Gate 6-1
Gate 6-2
Gate 6-3
Gate 6-4
Gate 6-5
Gate 6-6
Gate 6-7
Gate 6-8
Gate 6-9
Gate 6-10
Gate 6-11
Gate 6-12
Gate 6-13
Gate 6-14
Gate 6-15
Gate 6-16
Gate 6-17
Gate 6-18
Gate 6-19
Gate 6-20
Gate 6-21
Gate 6-22
Gate 6-23
Gate 6-24
Gate 6-25
Gate 6-26
GA Terminal G — Domestic
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Remote - International & Domestic
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Remote 1-7
Remote 1-8
Remote 2-1
Remote 2-2
Remote 2-3
Remote 4-1
Remote 4-2
Remote 4-3
Remote 4-4
Remote 4-5
Remote 4-6
Remote 4-7
Remote 4-8
Remote 5-1
Remote 5-2
Remote 5-3
Remote 5-4
Remote 5-5
Remote 5-6
Remote 5-7
Remote 5-8
Remote 680
Remote 681
Remote 682
Remote 683
Remote 684
Remote 685
VIP Terminal — International
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
VIP 8-1
VIP 8-2
Cargo Terminal
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot Callsign
Cargo 9-1
Cargo 9-2
Cargo 9-3A
Cargo 9-4A
Cargo 9-5
Cargo 9-6
Military Cargo 12-11A
Military Cargo 12-11B
Military Cargo 12-11C
Military Cargo 12-12A
Military Cargo 12-12B
Military Cargo 12-12C

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  • Please, use UNICOM correctly or, in case there is an active IFATC frequency, follow all their instructions. Saudia Airlines Virtual will not be responsible for any violations incurred during our event.

  • Please, use the appropriate procedures for your flight plan and try to be as realistic as possible. This way, you can help IFATC maintain order during the event.

  • Have a lot of fun! The purpose of our events is for you to have a good time and enjoy yourself. On behalf of our team, we hope you have a great time with us.

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Saudia Virtual Airlines is not just an option in the vast world of flight simulation; it’s the embodiment of aviation passion, offering an exceptional and authentic experience. With a diverse fleet, they provide precision in virtual flights to various destinations. More than a virtual airline, they are a dedicated community that connects pilots, sharing stories and experiences. They have exciting plans for the future, such as expanding routes and organizing unique events. Whether it’s flying in formation, facing navigation challenges, or enjoying peaceful flights, Saudia Virtual aims to offer a satisfying experience in every aspect. Join us for an exciting adventure in virtual flying and discover a world of possibilities. Saudia Virtual Airlines welcomes you to a world of possibilities!

Apply Now!

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Saudia Airlines Virtual is a flight simulation community exclusive to Infinite Flight and is not officially affiliated with Saudi Arabian Airlines in real life. We do not operate real and have no official affiliation with it. All trademarks including logos and images used on our site are the property of Saudi Arabian Airlines.


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