15NOV20 / 1800Z - Across The American Heartland @KBWI

Thanks a lot! This is actually my second event, after i participate in tomorrow nights FNF. I hope I don’t ruin anything :D

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Cool. If you follow the NOTAMS and rules, everything will go smoothly, I’m sure it will be a blast!

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Ok! Thanks, I’m looking forward to it!

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I’ll try to be spawned in at 17:30 Z

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It’s better to be early than late am I right?? Lol

For sure! Hopefully nothing unexpected comes up.

may i join this festival tho plz my callsign would be swa993

Would you like a Southwest gate, or one of the other gates?

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yes a southwest gate plz

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Alrighty, you’re signed up. Thanks for coming!

A or B gates @captain_trooper

A gate plz

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Ok will do Enjoy the flight

Yes it does!

Some questions:
Will we copy one of your guys flight plans?
What runway for departure?
Also, just wondering if we will have specified cruise speed and altitudes?
Thanks, I hope I don’t sound too bothersome :D

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The flightplan will be released via PM. But it’s recommended to copy it from one of us.

Depends on the wind.

These will be released via PM as well.

Not a problem. 😉

Ok thanks!

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@Captain-787, @Aviation108, and @captain_trooper pls try to invite some of your friends

ATTENTION all pilots here is a reminder For all of us at Concourse A1-5! Me, @Butter_Boi,
@TheCaptain17 we will be pushback straight we DON’T turn we face the terminal. @Aviation108 and @captain_trooper you two will be pushbacked to the right or the left depending on the winds and what runway we r Assigned to! @Captain-787 u will be pushbacked to face Runway 28 and 10!! I will update this more if needed!
Thx @SWA1997


We have 13 gates left I would love 😁 to see it filled

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