15NOV20 / 1800Z - Across The American Heartland @KBWI


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Hello and welcome to an event for the ages!

Today, with the help of @SWA1997, we will bring to you an event that you’re sure to remember. From Maryland to Utah we will go, traveling cross country in one of the greatest aircraft ever, the 737. Come fly over two mountain ranges, the Great Plains, and so much more on this amazing flight across the heartland of the United States!

Co-hosted by @SWA1997. Thanks for the help.

Flight Info:

Departure Airport: KBWI - Baltimore/Washington International.

Arrival Airport: KSLC - Salt Lake City International.

*Time of departure: 1800Z or 2020-11-15T18:00:00Z

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 - Southwest, Delta, and United (2019).

Server: Training server.

Flight specifics such as the flightplan, speed, altitude, and procedures will be released via PM.


Concourse A:

Gate Aircraft Pilot
A1 Southwest 738 @SWA1997
A2 Southwest 738 @Butter_Boi
A3 Southwest 738 @TheCaptain17
A4 Southwest 738 @Aviation108
A5 Southwest 738 @captain_trooper
A6 Southwest 738 @ZinZowe
A7 Southwest 738 @CaptJJ
A8 Southwest 738 @aircasa_88
A9 Southwest 738 @MacGyver
A10 Southwest 738

Concourse B:

Gate Aircraft Pilot
B2 Southwest 738
B4 Southwest 738
B6 Southwest 738
B8 Southwest 738
B10 Southwest 738

Concourse D:

Gate Aircraft Pilot
D2 Delta/United 738 @Captain-787 (Delta)
D4 Delta/ United 738 @AviatorFares
D6 Delta/United 738
D8 Delta/United 738 @plane_guy12
D10 Delta/United 738

More gates will be added as needed.

Departure: @PilotA320
Tower/Ground: @MJP_27


  • Try to maintain some sort of separation. We know that sometimes we can’t always maintain exact separation. But please, try to maintain some form of separation between the pilots in front of and behind you.

  • Do not fly or taxi through others.

  • Do not abuse or spam Unicom or the controller in the event we have ATC.

  • Be professional and respectful. Training server isn’t an excuse to be unprofessional.

  • Most importantly, have fun!


I would like to give a huge shoutout to @SWA1997 for telling me about this route and helping me plan this event. And I have no idea where planes park at KBWI, so thanks for helping me. 😂

Special thanks to @PilotA320 and @MJP_27 for being ATC for this event as well!

And thank you to everyone for stopping by and signing up. Cheers!

*To sign up, just reply with the gate you would like and the airline/aircraft you want to fly with.


I hope everyone who wants to fly with us; we will be giving u flight numbers to keep it organized and I hope u all enjoy this beautiful route!! If you guys have a custom Callsign you may use it if not let me or @Butter_Boi know

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@MJP_27 and @PilotA320 are ATC thx


We have @TheCaptain17 for Gate A3 Southwest welcome aboard

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Event date has been changed from November 16th to November 15 to allow more people to join. The time of 1800Z (2020-11-15T18:00:00Z) remains the same.

@TheCaptain17, @MJP_27, and @PilotA320, does the new date work for you?


Yes it does! You can sign me up!

I’ll take a United gate

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You’re signed up, thanks for coming!

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@Captain-787 do u have a custom callsign or would like for us to give u a number if u want?

I will actually take a delta slot and be delta 764 (realistic call sign)

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Perfect And welcome aboard

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Delta and United are at the same terminal at BWI so when u spawn in be a 737-800 ok? @Captain-787

Alright no problem!

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Can’t wait to see you there

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I am so happy to work with the talented @Butter_Boi for creating the design of the thread

Aww, thanks! 🙃

Sounds fun! Sign me up for Southwest Gate A4!


@Aviation108 do u have a custom callsign or would u like to have a number if u want!?

My call sign is Aviation108, and i think i will have SWA453 if thats all right with you.

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That’s good. You’re signed up!

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Enjoy the flight

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