15MAY21 / 2000Z - Spring in Miami! HS Graduation Flyout Series 1.2 @KMIA

Welcome to the Spring in Miami Flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: KMIA

Time: 2000Z 2021-05-15T20:00:00Z

Welcome to the Spring in Rose City! Throughout the month of May, I will be making events (almost) every weekend, and this is the first of those events! I am doing this partially to signify my coming up to high school graduation and I hope with the 4 flyouts, you will celebrate with me! I have chosen MIA for the second flyout as it is a nice airport during the Spring, with lots of diverse routes to many places throughout North and South America, as well as Europe. I hope you join me in this flyout!

All expert server rules apply to this event, rulebreaking may result in you not being welcome at future events.

Please consult the gate list below for gates. I have added passenger gates for now, as I am still working on Cargo Gates.

North Terminal
Concourse D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
D01 American KEWR - Newark 737-800
D02 American SBGR - Sao Paulo-Guarulhos 777-300ER @NathanD
D03 American SKBO - Bogota 777-200ER
D04A American KJFK - New York-JFK 777-200ER
D05 American KRDU - Raleigh/Durham 737-800
D07 American KMCO - Orlando 737-800
D08A American SBGL - Rio de Janeiro-Galeao 777-200ER
D09 American MMUN - Cancun 737-800
D10 American KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-800
D11 American KLGA - New York-La Guardia 737-800
D12 American KBDL - Windsor Locks 737-800
D14 American SAEZ - Buenos Aires-Ezeiza 777-200ER
D15 American KTPA - Tampa 737-800 @Robert_NG001
D16 American KLAS - Las Vegas 787-9 @Nightt
D17 American CYUL - Montreal-Trudeau 737-800
D19 American MUHA - Havana 737-800 @Bren_McDonell
D20 American KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma A321-200
D21 American KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 777-200ER
D22 American KSAN - San Diego 737-800
D23 American LEBL - Barcelona 787-9
D24 American SEQM - Quito 737-800
D25 American KBOS - Boston 777-200ER @N489DN
D26 American SYCJ - Georgetown-Cheddi Jagan 737-800
D28 American KLAX - Los Angeles 777-300ER @Jacob_Layton
D29 American SPJC - Lima A321-200
D30A American EGLL - London-Heathrow 777-300ER
D31 American TIST - St. Thomas 737-800
D32 American MDSD - Santo Domingo 737-800
D33 American TBPB - Bridgetown A321-200 @FlyIf_0011IFPA
D34 American MDST - Santiago de los Caballeros A321-200
D36 American KSAT - San Antonio A321-200
D37 American KATL - Atlanta 737-800
D38 American KCLT - Charlotte 737-800
D39 American TJSJ - San Juan 737-800
D40 American SKBQ - Barranquilla 737-800
D41 American TNCM - St. Maarten 737-800
D42 American KPHL - Philadelphia A321-200
D43 American KSFO - San Francisco 757-200
D44 American TLPL - St. Lucia 737-800
D45 American KSTL - St. Louis 737-800
D46 American MYNN - Nassau 737-800
D47 American KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental 737-800
D48 American MROC - San Jose de Costa Rica 737-800
D49 American KBWI - Baltimore 737-800
D50 American KBNA - Nashville 737-800
D51 American CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson 737-800
D53 American MMMD - Merida CRJ-700
D55 American KXNA - Fayetteville-Bentonville CRJ-700
D60B American KCMH - Columbus-Glenn CRJ-700
D60C American KCLE - Cleveland CRJ-700
D60D American MYEF - George Town/Great Exuma CRJ-700
D60E American KEYW - Key West CRJ-700
D60F American MYEH - North Eleuthera CRJ-700
D60G American KGSO - Greensboro CRJ-700
D60H American MYAM - Marsh Harbour CRJ-700
D60J American KPNS - Pensacola CRJ-700
D60K American KCHS - Charleston (SC) CRJ-700
D60L American KBHM - Birmingham (AL) CRJ-700
D60M American MYGF - Freeport/Grand Bahama CRJ-700
D60N American MMMY - Monterrey CRJ-700
D60P American KJAX - Jacksonville CRJ-700
D60Q American KORF - Norfolk CRJ-700
D60R American KGSP - Greenville-Spartanburg CRJ-700
D60V American KSAV - Savannah CRJ-700
D60W American KGNV - Gainesville CRJ-700
Central Terminal
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E02 American MDPP - Puerto Plata 737-800
E04 American TKPK - St. Kitts 737-800
E05 American KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom 737-800
E06 American SUMU - Montevideo 787-9
E07 American KDEN - Denver 737-800
E08 American MHTG - Tegucigalpa 757-200
E09 American TVSA - St. Vincent-Argyle 737-800
E10 American LEMD - Madrid 777-200ER
E11 American SCEL - Santiago de Chile 787-9
E20 JetBlue KBOS - Boston-Logan A320-200
E21 Iberia LEMD - Madrid A350-900
E22 JetBlue KLAX - Los Angeles A321-200
E23 Qatar OTHH - Doha A350-900
E24A British Airways EGLL - London-Heathrow A380-800
E27A American MKJS - Montego Bay 737-800
E27B American TNCC - Curacao 737-800
E28A American SMJP - Paramaribo A320-200
E28B American SKCL - Cali 757-200 @Udeme_Ekpo
E29A American KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor A321-200
E29B American TISX - St. Croix 737-800
E30 American LIMC - Milan-Malpensa 777-200ER
E31 American LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle 777-200ER
E33 American LLBG - Tel Aviv 777-200ER @MainSky
Concourse F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
F03 American MBPV - Providenciales 737-800 @Dylan.Winklosky
F04 Frontier KPVD - Providence A320-200
F05 Frontier KCVG - Cincinnati A320-200
F06 Frontier MDPC - Punta Cana A320-200
F07 Frontier KTTN - Trenton A320-200
F08 Volaris MMGL - Guadalajara A319-100
F09 Frontier KLAS - Las Vegas A320-200
F10 Volaris MMMX - Mexico City A319-100
F11 Sunwing CYYZ - Toronto Pearson 737-800 (Transavia)
F14A Finnair EFHK - Helsinki A350-900 @Jukker
F15 WestJet CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson 737-700
F16A TUI EGCC - Manchester 787-9
F17 Eurowings EDDL - Dusseldorf A330-300 (Lufthansa
F18A TUI EBBR - Brussels 787-8
F19A LOT Polish EPWA - Warsaw-Chopin 787-8
F23 Air Europa LEMD - Madrid 787-9
Concourse G
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
G04 United KDEN - Denver 737-800
G06 United KEWR - Newark 757-200
G08 Frontier MMUN - Cancun A320-200
G09 Southwest KMDW - Chicago-Midway 737-700
G10 Frontier KDEN - Denver A320-200
G11 Southwest KDAL - Dallas-Love 737-700 @zion89
G12 Frontier KONT - Ontario A320-200 @Finley_Skaggs
G14 Frontier KLGA - New York-La Guardia A320-200
G15 Southwest KBWI - Baltimore 737-700
G16 Frontier KORD - Chicago-O’Hare A320-200
G19 Frontier KISP - Long Island/Islip A320-200
South Terminal
Concourse H
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
H03 Delta KBOS - Boston 737-800
H04 Air France TFFR - Pointe-A-Pitre A320-200
H05 Delta KSLC - Salt Lake City 737-900ER @Captain_T_Malone
H06 Delta KLGA - New York-La Guardia 737-800
H07 Delta KDTW - Detroit A321-200
H08 Delta KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul A321-200 @SharkWreck
H09 Delta KJFK - New York-JFK A320-200 @Prerb
H10 Delta KATL - Atlanta A321-200
H11 Air France LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle A350-900
H12 United KORD - Chicago-O’Hare 737-700
H14 United KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental 737-900ER
H15A Turkish LTFM - Istanbul 777-300ER
Concourse J
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
J02 United KIAD - Washington-Dulles 737-800
J04 Copa Airlines MPTO - Panama City-Tocumen 737-800
J05A El Al LLBG - Tel Aviv 787-10 @CaptainZac
J07A SWISS LSZH - Zurich 777-300ER
J08 GOL SBBR - Brasilia 737-800
J10 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson A319-100
J11A Lufthansa EDDF - Frankfurt A330-300
J12 Caribbean TTPP - Port of Spain-Piarco 737-800
J14 LATAM SBRF - Recife A320-200
J15 LATAM SCEL - Santiago de Chile 787-9
J16 LATAM SBGR - Sao Paulo-Guarulhos 777-300ER
J17A Aeroflot UUEE - Moscow-Sheremetyevo 777-300ER
J18 Alitalia LIRF - Rome-Fiuminco 777-200ER
J49 LATAM SPJC - Lima 767-300ER
J50A Avianca El Salvador MSLP - San Salvador A320-200
J50B Avianca SKRG - Medellin-JMC A320-200
J51 Avianca SKBO - Bogota 787-8
J52 Virgin Atlantic EGLL - London-Heathrow 787-9

Photo Credit: SkyTrax

Please let me know if you have any questions!

See you there!

@Bren_McDonell - Event Host


You’re kidding there’s no TBPB flight.

Would you like one? I can easily add one

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a321, In Concourse d

Alright, gate D33

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Miami? Gotta fly AA!

I’ll take this gate please

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Got it! See you there!

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Can I have gate H08 To KMSP Delta A321

Yes you can!

can i have this gate

Could I please have D02 to SBGR?

Sure you can!

Mhm! See you there!

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Hi I‘d like to do this One

can i get a cargo gate?

Korean Air Cargo 777F to KJFK

I want this flight, please!

D15 American KTPA - Tampa 737-800

can i have this

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Got it! See you there!

Can I get this please? But switch it to a 737-800!

Sure! I bookmarked it so when I finish the cargo gates I’ll put you down!