15MAY21 / 1700Z - Wizzair Virtual 1st Event: The great Budapest Fly-In @ LHBP

Could I have this one? I am part of AIBVA (AIB012VA), Thanks!

I’ll take this one. I should be able to make it but it’s a little far out to know right now. Thanks.

great I’ll take Midfield Terminal 610 at OMAA

@WillHarris @nbiler and @Goz, you guys are now signed up.

@999aviation, @tjb0709, @MainSky, @Alexian61, @Speedbird222, @Jakub_Astary, @Sebastien_Cartier, @Gritz and @Cooper_Marcukaitis, your gates have been re-assigned to maintain as much realism as possible. The new gates are the ones actually used by Wizzair in real life. Please check above to see which gates you are assigned to now.


can I change with terminal 2 gate 43 at EFHK? Thanks

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Sure! You have been changed @Goz

Make sure to grab a gate! Still some time remaining

@WizzVirtual Maybe for Airbus VA you could add if we are flying in an a320 or a318. I would like an a320 if you do this.

Sure. You have been added @nbiler . Thanks for coming!

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I’ll take this AIBVA024

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You have been added @Deakin_pope. Thank you for joining!

14 days until the fly-in… and we still have a lot of spots remaining! Make sure to join the Great Budapest Fly-in!

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  • Did you know that Budapest was the result of the merger of 3 cities?
  • Did you know that no building in Budapest is taller than 96 meters?

Indeed, some things you didn’t know about Budapest. It has a lot of secrets.

Let’s get more signups for the fly-in!


Would you please reserve a flight for me for my VA (Airbus VA)? I will fly as Airbus 10VA.

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@Lion_50 you have been added. Enjoy your flight!

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