15MAY21/ 1600Z Across the Ocean

Yet im back IFC. Hello IFC im Mk bringing you another event in Africa. This Sunday we will be on the island luxury vacation islands which are part of Africa.


Pre Covid Mauritius had alot of travel deals between May/ June and was a great way to pass by winter from where I live, hence why i decided to have Mauritius as the star of the event.

Hub Airport: FIMP - Mauritius

Featured airports:

FSIA - Seychelles Int πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¨

FMMI - Madagascar

Date and Time

+00:00 β†’ +00:00

Server: Expert

Featured Airline:

Air Mauritius

Controller Time start Z Time End Z Airport
@MKT 1600 1700 FMMI
@AsternAviation 1700 1800 FSIA
@MKT 1800 2000 FIMP

Before you go I have a challenger flight for you. this flight took me 22 to 23 hours if im not wrong.
Aircraft: A359
Livery: Air Mauritius
Route: KSFO to FIMP

Good luck for this

See you at the holiday island.


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