15MAY20 / 0600Z - Qantas Virtual Group Eighth Anniversary Weekend @ YSSY

I will take any gate for both events please!

Hi guys, I will be able to watch you all do this flight at about 4:05 UTC bc violation ;( so no gate for me just commenting hopefully I can do one in the future enjoy the event all :)

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I also just did the @yamgang flight about an hour ago

Let’s go @yamgang

As a member of the Qantas virtual I have to take part in this great milestone, sign me up for both of the events 👍👍

Being with this VA for just over a year now and the first one I joined as well as the first event I attended was the “Maple Syrup” one from Sydney to Vancouver in the 744 back in March last year. It’s great to see how much has changed since then and definitely from the beginning for you guys. As well as what’s in store for the future. I’ll take a gate for both of these events please 😀

I’m down for roo mountains expedition, I am a member of Qantas VA

Can I get a gate for East meet West? Thank you

happy birthday to QVG!

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Hey there , could I get a gate for EAST MEETS WEST?

Can I get a gate?

G’day, can I have a gate for roo mountains expedition I am in QVG

Please sign me up for,
East meets West event

And congratulations for 8th aniversary 🥳🥳

gate 2-17 please.

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East Meets West Event:

Roo Mountains Expedition:

See You There!



sorry please cancel my name from roo mountain expedition. I am only available for east meets west.

Sure Thing :)

Sydney to Perth please

Great you have Gate 2-49.

Thanks for joining!