15MAY20 / 0600Z - Qantas Virtual Group Eighth Anniversary Weekend @ YSSY


Qantas Virtual Group is turning 8 years old!

Eight years ago, we revolutionised the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Industry with a brand new concept for the community. To this day, we operate as the longest serving Virtual Airline and provide pilots with welcoming and enjoyable environment to learn and grow together. We’re inviting you to celebrate 8 successful years with us!

In celebration, we will be operating multiple events throughout the weekend, starting from 2020-05-14T14:00:00Z2020-05-17T14:00:00Z. These events will mostly be internal, but have invited the Infinite Flight Community to join us for a few very special events. To sign up for these events, reply with which event you would like to join and we’ll add you.

All Qantas Virtual Group Pilots will have 2x flight time for the whole weekend!

Just to say a very big thank you to all of our fantastic pilots for sticking with us over the years, we will be giving 2x flight time for every single flight filed between 2020-05-15T06:00:00Z2020-05-18T06:00:00Z! This is just a small token of appreciation to all of our pilots who have been respecting QVG in the Infinite Flight skies.
If you aren’t already a QVG pilot, why not join us today and get access to this special 2x flight time anniversary perk…

East Meets West - A Qantas Virtual Group Anniversary Special

Our first event of the weekend will be connecting the opposite sides of Australia - Sydney and Perth. Sydney and Perth have been long connected throughout history. Now that Perth is the first city to connect Australia to London direct, the connection between Sydney and Perth is more important than ever.

More Details

Departure Airport: Sydney Airport (YSSY)
Arrival Airport: Perth Airport (YPPH)
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Qantas B738, Jetstar A320
Departure Time: 2020-05-15T07:00:00Z
Flight Time: Appr 4.5hrs



| — | — | — | — |
|Gate 2-01| @TimR|
|Gate 2-02| @Jaeden01
Gate 2-03| @Chris_Hoss
|Gate 2-04| @Ayano_Gudy |
|Gate 2-08| @Adam
|Gate 2-09| @Finn_S_QFA535
|Gate 2-10| @QVG-Crunch
|Gate 2-11| @sam2875
|Gate 2-12| @Eden_Tan
|Gate 2-13| @Krsh7
|Gate 2-14| @InfiniteBrafitYT
|Gate 2-16| @Sierra_Golf
|Gate 2-17| @MJMN |
|Gate 2-49| @Isaac104
|Gate 2-53| @FiniteFlying
|Gate 2-55| @Louis
|Gate 2-57| @TRDubh
|Gate 2-59| @Choccymilk
|Gate 2-58| @turkish534
|Gate 2-56 |
|Gate 2-54 |
|Gate 2-52 |

Roo Mountains Expedition

To celebrate 8 years of success, we will be recreating the famous ‘Roo’ logo, departing from our hub, Sydney and heading over the NSW hinterland, flying in the shape of the ‘Roo’ before returning back to Sydney.

More Details

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Any Qantas/Jetstar Aircraft
Departure Time: 2020-05-16T23:00:00Z
Flight Time: Appr 4.5hrs

YSSY 3358S/15110E 3358S/15107E 3357S/15105E 3352S/15057E 3341S/15037E 3327S/15005E 3319S/14937E 3312S/14905E 3310S/14854E 3305S/14852E 3249S/14848E 3237S/14842E 3220S/14829E 3206S/14810E 3144S/14732E 3131S/14715E 3113S/14656E 3054S/14643E 3047S/14640E 3046S/14641E 3046S/14643E 3055S/14650E 3107S/14701E 3120S/14719E 3128S/14736E 3135S/14804E 3143S/14831E 3153S/14855E 3208S/14917E 3216S/14929E 3215S/14934E 3211S/14938E 3208S/14937E 3203S/14934E 3202S/14934E 3202S/14937E 3207S/14953E 3213S/15006E 3219S/15015E 3222S/15013E 3226S/15005E 3229S/14941E 3232S/14927E 3237S/14917E 3243S/14911E 3250S/14912E 3255S/14916E 3301S/14929E 3311S/14957E 3321S/15017E 3332S/15037E 3343S/15051E 3351S/15102E 3353S/15105E 3353S/15108E YSSY


| — | — | — | — |
|Gate 2-01| @TimR |
|Gate 2-02| @Kacey
|Gate 2-03| @Ayano_Gudy |
|Gate 2-04| @Adam
|Gate 2-08| @Finn_S_QFA535
|Gate 2-09| @QVG-Crunch
|Gate 2-10| @Nicolas_Dejoy
|Gate 2-11| @sam2875
|Gate 2-12| @InfiniteBrafitYT
|Gate 2-13| @Watt
|Gate 2-14| @Eric_Dedicke
|Gate 2-16| @Oli_H
|Gate 2-17| @Cpt_Zorndy
|Gate 2-53| @Choccymilk
|Gate 2-54| @turkish534
|Gate 2-55|
|Gate 2-56|
|Gate 2-57|
|Gate 2-59|
|Gate 2-58|
|Gate 2-31| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-32| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-33| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-34| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-35| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-36| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-38| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-39| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-40| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-41| Reserved for West Jet Virtual
|Gate 2-42| Reserved for West Jet Virtual

Over the years, we have always put our pilots first. Check out what @Adam has to say about his experience as a Platinum Club member at Qantas Virtual Group;

Over the past 3 years I have been with Qantas Virtual Group, this past year and a half has been the most exciting. As a Platinum Club member, getting to beta test new features and help the staff team with new ideas, as well as find routes and pester them until they add them, it’s been a fun time.
Over my three years, I’ve also been a staff member, retiring in the Human Resources role or so it was called back then. So much has changed since first joined in late 2016, I’ve seen many people, many features and many websites come and go. I’ve made many friends here as well.
In the eight years that Qantas Virtual Group has been running, the thousands of members that have came and gone. This. Career Mode. Is one of the many features that I hope will enhance people’s aviation knowledge, enhance realism and hope will stay for a long while to come.

Special Thanks

We would like to give a huge shout-out to the following VA/VO’s for sharing this event thread to their pilots on such late notice. We greatly appreciate and can’t wait to collaborate with you all in the future!



What a milestone! So proud of this VA!

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Congrats guys! Well done on what you have made after all these years of building it up and refining the brand and operations into what it is today. These events will be heaps of fun as they always are with Qantas Virtual 👍


I am so pleased with how far this VA has come, and I’m very proud to be able to be the COO of such an amazing virtual airline. I’m looking forward to celebrating this amazing anniversary with all our pilots, and seeing us grow even more in the future!


It’s been quite the journey, thank you to all of our members past and present for coming along for the ride.
It should be a great weekend, please put me down for both events :)

I’m down for east meets the west

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Fantastic! You have Gate 2-02.

Thanks for supporting us :)

Could I possibly grab this gate?

For which event?

2nd event please

Fantastic, you have Gate 2-03.
Due to a technical difficulty, the time for the 2nd event read the wrong departure time. Can you please confirm you can make it at 2020-05-16T23:00:00Z?

Congrats to Eight years proud to be part of this Virtual group amazing staff and pilots

Yup! That fits even better

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Well done guys! I’ll take a gate, cheers

I wouldn’t mind grabbing a gate as well if that is ok

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G’Day @SahyaQFFlyer & @Louis

Let us know which event you’ll be joining us for!

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Sydney to Perth please

I’ll take a gate in the second event. Cheers!

You have Gate 2-03 for East Meets West.

You have Gate 2-02 for Roo Mountains Expedition.


You have Gate 2-03 for Roo Mountains Expedition.

See you all there, thanks for celebrating with us!


Can i have a gate for all events?

Happy 8th Anniversary, QVG!