15m resolution in Gran Canaria?

Title says it all really. On a flight from London Gatwick down to Gran Canaria. Is the resoloution in that area high quality? I’ve checked the maps that show areas of high resolution and it the islands are so small i can’t tell if they are or not. Thanks for your help in advance :)

If you can’t tell by the map, I don’t blame ya it is too small, just look at the island. If it looks like an arcade game then it is 500m, if it looks hawt then it is 15m.

Small, small islands aren’t too bad with 500m in all honesty.


But St. Maarten in 15 is something else! <3
Imagine Gran Canaria with it.


I’ll make sure to take a look in 3 hours time when i land ;) Thanks for the help!

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St Maarten isn’t a small island though

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I’m pretty sure it has got good imagery. I’ve gone to Tenerife, and that has, so Gran Canaria probably does.

Yes, they do have 15M resolution. I flew there yesterday.


Just the answer i needed! Thanks for the help :)

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Definitely 15m resolution. :)