15JUL20 / 1800Z- The desert flyout @ KTUS |Finished|

About The City Of Tucson

Tucson is a city located in the south of Arizona, you may not know it but some celebrities live there. In my opinion, Tucson is a nice city, it’s like a smaller Phoineix. Tucson is also home to the Arizona Wild Cat’s who have some great college sports teams.

About TUS Airport

Welcome to the desert flyout event! South of downtown Tucson we will be flying out of the second busiest passenger airport in Az, it has over 10,000 passenger boardings per year. This airport is home to Air Education and Training Command, 162d Fighter Wing, and more. They also have some other things at Tucson such as an Aircraft retirement facility where you can find a lot of southwest 737-700’s, they also have a facility for Bombardier jet services where you can find American and United and so on having things done to their CRJ’s.

For more info check the below

About the event

The flight will be on 2020-07-15T18:00:00Z. There will be Air Force, Airline, cargo, and GA options. To sign up say the gate you want. There will be no ATC at TUS while the event is happening, please note that we are not responsible for any violations you get.
To make your flight plan I would recommend using FPL to IF. You may not find flight plans for all the routes in this event.


  1. Please spawn in 15 minutes prior to scheduled event time

  2. Please use Unicom correctly

  3. The event is on expert serve

  4. 3 day’s prior you will be invited to DM for all the people who signed up


Please note that all flights listed might not all be realistic.

Passanger Gates
A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
A1 Sun Country B7378 MSP 3+
A2 Fronteir A320 DEN 2
A3 Southwest B7377 DEN 2 @OnThePlaneAgain
A4 Southwest B7378 LAS 1+ @LoneStarAviation
A5 Southwest B7378 MDW 3+ @ORD777flyer
A6 United B7377 SFO 2+
A7 United B7377 IAH 3
A8 United E170 DEN 2
A9 United B7378 LAX 1
B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
B1 Alaska B7379 SEA 2+
B2 Alaska A320 SJC 2+
B3 Delta A319 SLC 1+ @anon38496261
B4 Delta E170 LAX 1 @Airplane2
B5 Allegiant A320 PVU 1+ @Infinite_Pro
B6 Delta B7378 ATL 2+ @Chuck_Aviation
B7 Allegiant A319 BLI 3
B8 American B7378 DFW 2 @Brody_Swiatek
B9 American CRJ7 PHX 20m
10 American A321 ORD 3+ @Prerb
Bombardier Facility
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
BF1 United CRJ2 CBK 4+
BF2 United CRJ7 LAX 1
BF3 Delta CRJ7 LAX 1
BF4 Delta CRJ2 MSP 3+
BF5 Delta CRJ9 ATL 2+
BF6 American CRJ9 PHX 20m
BF7 American CRJ2 LAX 1
BF8 American CRJ7 CLT 3+
BF9 Alaska Q400 PDX 4+
BF10 Alaska Q400 SJC 3+
Air Force & National Guard
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
RS1 National Guard C-17 LUF 30m @SkyLineHeavy
RS2 National Guard C-17 LSV 1+
RS3 National Guard C-17 HIF 2
RS4 Air Force F22 EDW 30m
RS5 Air Force F22 EDW 30m
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
CA1 Fedex MD11F MEM 2+
CA2 Not Availible
CA3 Fedex C208 PHX 30m
CA4 Not Availible
CA5 Free choice (Cargo Flight) - - - @AviationFreak
CA6 Free choice (Cargo Flight) - - - @Josiah_Ortiz
CA7 Not Availible
CA8 Fedex MD11F MEM 2+
CA9 Not Availible
CA10 N/A C208 Free choice N/A
CA11 Fedex 772F MEM 2+
General Aviation and Private
Privat Jet
Gate Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
TD64 Citation X FLG 50m @Brody_Swiatek
TD65 Citation X MPR 2+
TD67 Citation X FXE 4+
TD68 Citation X JAC 3
TD69 Citation X PWK 3+
General Aviation
Gate Aircraft Destination EST Flight Time Pilot
TD49 SR22 CHD 35m
TD50 SR22 CGZ 30m
TD51 C172 GEU 45m @Devin_Stock
TD52 C172 OLS 30m
TD53 Xcub AVQ 15m
TD54 Xcub FHU 40m
TD55 TBM AZ90 25m @AGSilver_04
TD56 TBM FFZ 30m

If needed more gates will be added.

Recommended routes to try from the event

  1. Gate B5, probably an airport you’ve never been to.
  2. Gate BF1, another airport you haven’t been to.
  3. Gate RS2, you always fly to LAS but have you flown to LSV?
  4. Gate, CA5, want to choose the cargo route you fly, this is the gate for you.
  5. Gate TD55, an airport I’ve flown to many times because it has an interesting approach with a little bit of difficulty when landing, so if your more on the challenge side this is for you, I would recommend landing on runway 26.

I ment to change that, thanks

I’m not sure I’ll be able to attend, so can you put me stand by for this one ☝️

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Ok, just let me know if you end up not being able to attend

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Will do! Thank you

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Could you add me at gate A3 on a South West 737-700 to Denver please.


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Thanks for signing up.

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Thank you!

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Any GA routes you want to do can be added everyone

I’m going to take TD64.

I don’t fly the C17 that often - why don’t I give it a try. I’ll take this gate.

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Do you have anything going to MDW on Southwest?

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May I have this one?

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I can add that sure

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✅New sign ups

@SkyLineHeavy & @LoneStarAviation
Thanks for joining

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Would you like gate A5?

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Yes that would be perfect thank you

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✅new sign ups

Thanks for joining

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Thanks for having me

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If possible I can go to klas? I know someone else has that route but southwest does do multiple kuts to klas flights a day.

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