15JUL20 / 0800Z - Hannover Summer Flyout @EDDV

🍸Welcome to the first Hannover Summer Flyout!🍹

We are now happy to present this event to you. We want to get into the summer mood together, despite the difficult situation with the corona virus. At our event, all participants fly to vacation destinations. We hope that we will at least get a little holiday mood. This event is supported by the LUFVO. We hope you like this kind of event. We hope to be able to do more of these events in the future. The LUF team wishes you a good flight!

Event Information

Day: 15th July 2020

Server: Expert

Airport: Hannover [EDDV]
*More can be seen in the Airport theme

Aircraft: You can choose your Aircraft, Gate and Flight
in the gate list below.

Planned Departure:

Pushback start: 15th July @ 08:00 ZULU


Airport :

Hannover Airport

The abbreviation from Hannover Airport is EDDV. The Hannover Aiport is located in the north of Germany. From there you can easily reach many destinations. That’s why we make our event from there. It opened Hanover Aiport 24 hours a day. In the appendix there is some information that can be helpful.

Runway Dimension
27L 7669 x 147ft
27C 2556 x 75ft
27R 10509 x 147ft
09L 10509 x 147ft
09C 2556 x 75ft
09R 7669 x 147ft

Runways 27C and 09C are only approved for general aviation aircraft.

In the appendix you can see a chart of Hanover.
Please take care at the red marked places!

These aids do not have to be observed, but it would make a lot of sense! The most important rules can be found under Notams.

Gates and Positions

Terminal A
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight time Pilot
01 Madeira [LPMA] B738 TUI ~4:00 @dominik.krh
02 Madeira [LPMA] B738 TUI ~4:00 @HinnerkHoffmann
03 Madeira [LPMA] B738 TUI ~4:00 @GERcaptainJan
04 Boa Vista [GVBA] B738 TUI ~7:00 @Filipe_Abrantes
05 Lanzarote [GCRR] B738 TUI ~4:30
06 Fuerteventura [GCFV] B738 TUI ~4:30
Terminal B
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight time Pilot
07 Tenerife [GCTS] B738 TUI ~4:30
08 Gran Canaria [GCLP] B738 TUI ~4:30
09 Mallorca [LEPA] B738 TUI ~2:00
10 Ibiza [LEIB] B738 TUI ~2:00
11 Heraklion [LGIR] B738 TUI ~2:00
12 Corfu [LGKR] B738 TUI ~2:00
Terminal C
Gate Destination Aircraft Airline Flight time Pilot
13 Mallorca [LEPA] A320 Eurowings ~2:00
14 Heraklion [LGIR] A320 Eurowings ~2:00
15 Athen [LGAV] A320 Aegean ~2:30 @Georgios_P
16 La Palma [GCLA] A321 Condor ~4:30
17 Mallorca [LEPA] A321 Condor ~2:00
18 Olbia [LIEO] A321 Condor ~2:00
19 Antalya [LTAI] B738 Sunexpress ~3:30
20 Izmir [LTBJ] B738 Sunexpress ~3:00

Please stand at the gate or position where you registered!
You can sign up with a reply below.


• We won’t have an ATC. Please use Unicom sensibly!

• Please use the SID’s given in Infinite Flight to avoid collisions!

• Pushback in gate order. That means from gate 01 to gate 20

• You could start from any runway that is active and approved for your aircraft

•☀️Have fun and enjoy the event! ☀️

This event is supported by @Luftwaffe_Virtual

A big thank you to @dominik.krh and @marcelschmidt !


Good work!


Great event!
I‘ll take the Aegean Airlines Flight to Athens, Gate 15

Also it’s LGAV, not LGAT 😉

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I register you! Thanks for the correction😉


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