15JAN23 | 0100Z | Massive Chicago Flyout @KORD DEPARTED

Sad to see they do not fly to the US anymore :(

Anyways, I want

United A320 to KDCA please!

@Generic_Flyer indeed it is sad. I’ll get you signed up

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Thanks much!

M1 HEAVY Swiss a330 to Zürich pls

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@HDzurichaviation Roger that

Terminal B Gate 8
B737 9 United Airlines
CALLSIGN: United 1996
Pilot: Carlos _J
Thank You

Roger that @Carlos_J

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@Carlos_J is the ICAO San Juan Puerto Rico

Yes it is.

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@Carlos_J Roger that! Your all signed up

Make sure to check out my other events! All the info is on my profile

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Event bump!!

Bumping this!!

Hey add me to Gate M9 from Tokyo (HND) ANA 12 Boeing 777-300ER

@Jesus_Gutierrez Roger that

Make sure to check out my other events

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Your all signed up

well the one I’m requesting is a fly in but I’m planning to fly to Boston on the United 739 from Gate B6

Is air Wisconsin operated for American?

united. (10)

Thanks! I’ll get you signed up