15JAN23 | 0100Z | Massive Chicago Flyout @KORD DEPARTED

His Joystick Malfunctioned


Haha, where you off t- Oh…shortcut.

@UALPilot sneaky sneaky

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Technical problems fixed now

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cheers everyone

I shut an engine off so now I gotta wait for it to start… might as well move out of the way…

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@United403 Big Thanks for creating this awesome Flyout. Yet another successful event. FedEx Virtual Group much appreciates the opportunity to join in and participate in these amazing Events. Can’t wait for more.

you fedex fellas got outta there quick, must be some important deliveries

@NathanPreuss I appreciate so much that Fedex could join my birthday Event! I am planning adding cargo gates for my Dubai event if y’all want another chance to sponsor

@VH-OEJ_747 let neva in first if you could, he was ahead of me to staart

Well big Happy Birthday from FedEx Virtual.

No go ahead, im having tech issues.

@VH-OEJ_747 Go ahead, im having technical issues.

I was ahead before as well, but my game crashed, I dont really mind who goes first.

other events hosted by yours truly

My trim isn’t moving when I move my phone around…anyone have an idea how to fix it?

try Calibrating

I’ve already tried that, the roll works but not the trim. I did restore defaults in the settings already too and nothing, its show no movement there.

I have two upcoming events happening. I’d be great to see you all there too!

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@United403 thanks for a another great event also will land 7pm tomorrow Dubai time