15JAN23 | 0100Z | Massive Chicago Flyout @KORD DEPARTED

what is your Airplane count on?

very high, will i still be able to see aircraft around me if i have it set to none

@Aiden_Hodges twins

set it to low. You will be able to see 1 or 2 planes

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek please let @JMacMcd go ahead of you

Started taxi a little late cause my flight plan was a little off so this wait time will be fun…

don’t worry about it, I’m not in a rush

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I do apologize for all my taxi instructions. im trying my best to guide everyone at this massive airport

FDXV Fleet standing by at 10C For Departure

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Fedex fleet cleared for takeoff

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Sorry, I didn’t see this.

@clk1290 @GearDownAviationYT @CK777 pushbacks are approved
Please Expedite

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What time does 9R get takeoffs? Might shut an engine down (Nevermind)

we are beginning departures


Is your 757 ok?

@JMacMcd You have 737’s behind ya and in front. Guess theres no need to worry about 777’s.

I guess I’m safe, for now.

You sure have quite a line ahead of you eh?

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Very line. 777 in front of me though so I’m not worried about the line.

@chazdawg8819 did you have an aborted takeoff

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I’m in front of you the longer I wait the longer time I get to sleep and wake up early

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