15JAN23 | 0100Z | Massive Chicago Flyout @KORD DEPARTED

@VH-OEJ_747 let neva in first if you could, he was ahead of me to staart

Well big Happy Birthday from FedEx Virtual.

No go ahead, im having tech issues.

@VH-OEJ_747 Go ahead, im having technical issues.

I was ahead before as well, but my game crashed, I dont really mind who goes first.

other events hosted by yours truly

My trim isn’t moving when I move my phone around…anyone have an idea how to fix it?

try Calibrating

I’ve already tried that, the roll works but not the trim. I did restore defaults in the settings already too and nothing, its show no movement there.

I have two upcoming events happening. I’d be great to see you all there too!

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@United403 thanks for a another great event also will land 7pm tomorrow Dubai time

i didnt realize how shoddy the winds were, almost clipped the wing on takeoff

Nevermind, I think another app was using it or something…i don’t know.

Oh wow, everyone’s gone.

not for long, i forgot to check fuel

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I almost died in the CRJ lol

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First the Caravan and then the CRJ? Your luck is awesome today XD

I’ll be flying big boi planes next weekend in my events.

Great event @United403!

@Jason_M thanks so much for making an appearance

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