15JAN22 / 2030Z - Back to home from Dallas @ KDFW

Group Long haul flight - Back to home from Dallas // KDFW - EFHK


Welcome to my fourth group flight on IFC. We flew previously from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, Copenhagen and Innsbrück. Now it’s time to head home from Finnairs newest long haul destination Dallas.

Join me for a group flight on Expert server at 2030zulu. We expect the flight time to be around 10,5-11 hrs. No separate registrations needed, just spawn in at KDFW latest 2025zulu. Copy flight plan from me (@Pilot_Aaltonen). I’ll be parked at gate D25 and looking forward to see you there. Group flight is open for all IFC pilots.

As always on Expert Server:
Respect other pilots and stay professional.
If ATC is active, please follow instructions.

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Photo credits: Finnair webpage


Fantastic to have you joining
@Ethan_Brown @AntonFI @If_finnair

I’ll have the flight plan ready around 2015Z.
Cruise speed and FL at your discretion based on your A/C.

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Yes, spawning in now

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Will be there in about 10/15 mins, ETA flight time, for fuel

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Sounds fantastic, you are welcome to join us. Reserve fuel for 12 hrs. Estimated flight time around 10,5h-11h.

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Flight plan is ready to be copied.

Welcome all. We will taxi to runway and takeoff on 36R. FL and cruise speed at your discretion. I will be last to pushback and take off as I will be slowest to cruise.

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I will cruise at 35000 .85

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Gonna be a tad bit late

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I wait for you

In fact, not gonna make it at all, sorry guys.

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No worries, thanks for trying.

Wow, nice winds on take-off :)

Bye bye Dallas for this time - See you soon again!

Happy to see @Ethan_Brown leading the group, @MacGyver next followed by @AntonFI. Behind me @If_finnair. Enjoy your flight guys!
And happy flight to our companion @Santtu, who wants to sleep couple of hours more on Sunday morning. He took the Emirates flight to Dubai instead.


I made it in less than 9:00 hours

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Lovely. Yes, tailwinds were strong on the sector from Greenland to Finland.

Glad you could make it! Enjoy the cold Finnish weather 🥶

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I am going to stay at the gate till everyone lands

It will take a while for @If_finnair 😅

Thanks all, it was fun. Welcome to HEL 🥶


Spot the missing livery 😂😂😂

Thanks all who participated. Have a fantastic day!

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I think I packed too much fuel and was over on final - started rocking and couldn’t easily control the plane…Would have gone around but was too tired!