15JAN22 / 1500Z - The airport of the three nations @ LFSB

Hey, I can take Ground, Tower and ATIS :)

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That would be awesome! Thank you so much

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What is our Departure Rwy going to be?

Don’t know yet but we have ATIS 😍

rwy 33 depature/arrival

Just departed Basel for Munich it was a mesmerizing departure with the fog thank you for hosting this event :)

Have a good Flight everyone

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It was great to see you, thanks for participating

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Enjoy yours to Sofia 😍

Thank u for this event … start decent to paris on a220

Hey I just arrived at Sofia, @Francesco_Taparelli1 thank you for this Event it was alot of fun

I’m glad ypu enjoyed! Unfortunately my flight was interrupted because the app crashed 😭😭

You mean countries right I think you typed it wrong