15JAN22/ 0300Z The Big Island Fly In/Out @ PHKO

Summary: Welcome to Kona International Airport. Brief History of Kona International Airport. the airport is mainly built on a lava flow that occurred in the year 1801. At first, the runway was only 6500 Ft long then in 1994 the runway was extended to 11,000 Ft.

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Airport: PHKO KOA Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport

Time: 17:00 Hawaii Standrad Time UTC 03:00


Gate Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
1C American KPHX A321-200
2A American KDFW B777-200ER @KSM_King_Storm
3 United KDEN B777-200ER
4 United KSFO B737-900
5A American KLAX A321-200
6C Southwest KPHX B737-800
7 Southwest KLAS B737-800
8 Southwesrt PHNL 737-800
9 Alaska KSEA B737-900
10A Alaska KSAN 737-900


Gate # at PHKO Airline ICAO-ICAO Dep time Aircraft Pilot
2A United KDEN-PHKO 2200Z B777-200ER
3 American KDFW-PHKO 2100Z B777-200ER
8 Southwest KLAS-PHKO 2200Z B737-800
7 Southwest KPHX-PHKO 2200Z B737-800
9 United KSFO-PHKO 2200Z B737-900
10A Alaska KSEA-PHKO 2100Z B737-900


  1. All 737 Routes Have been tested by me Be sure to Limit Passengers and cargo weight
    737-800 100% fuel 115 Passengers 9000-13000 lbs cargo

Also, I can add routes that are not listed if you chose to fly to a different Destnation


2A American KDFW B777-200ER
Can I please have that flight?

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