15JAN21 / 2100Z - A Salute to Captain Sullenberger @ KLGA

We all know what happened on January 15 2009. But just in case you didn’t know or forgot I’ll give you a recap.

On January 15th 2009 US Airways flight 1549 an Airbus A320 with 150 passengers onboard with a crew of 5 left La Guardia Airport in New York City bound for Charlotte North Carolina which would then continue onto Seattle Tacoma Airport in Washington. After takeoff the had a bird strike involving a flock of Canada Geese which got ingested into the engines causing them to fail during climb out of New York City. They could not return back to La Guardia leaving them with only one option, to land in the Hudson River. Captain Sullenberger then told the passengers to brace and with Sullenberger at the controls the impacted the water. After the water landing two NY Ferries arrived at the passengers rescue and on land there were 140 firefighters, police officers and paramedics we’re waiting in New York for the passengers to arrive. While counting the passengers and crew after the incident to make sure all were accounted for the good news was found out that at 150 passengers and all five crew had survived the accident. After the investigation the aircraft N106US was taken by road to Charlotte to the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

That is the recap of the heroic event that unfolded that day.
What my plan is is that we would fly in a group from La Guardia Airport to Charlotte in the US Airways A320.

Server: Training Server

Airport: KLGA
Time: 2100Z 2021-01-15T21:00:00Z


Photo Credits: US Airways flight 1549 | Description, Pilot, & Facts | Britannica
US Airways Flight 1549 - Wikipedia
Picture 3 is taken by me.


Ground KLGA: @MJP_27
Tower KLGA: @MJP_27
Tower KCLT: @MJP_27
Ground: KCLT: @MJP_27
New York Departure: @Pingu
CLT Approach: @Pingu
New York Center: @Alina_Bridges
Washington Center: @nativetoalaska
Atlanta Center:TBD

LGA D Gates
Gates Aircraft Destination Pilot Notes
D 01 Destination @Aviation2929 Notes
D 02 Destination @Fung_Sum-sum Notes
D 03 Destination @NathanD Notes
D 04 Destination @Z-Tube Notes
D 05 Destination @Caleb_H Notes
D 06 Destination @Aviation108 Notes
D 07 Destination @Nee Notes
D 08 Destination @USA_ATC Notes
D 09 Destination @Oskapew Notes
D 10 Destination @Canadian_Aviator Notes
LGA C gates

Thank you for looking at my event and thank you to @CReynolds for helping me with the gates!

Gates Aircraft Destination Pilot Notes
C 01 Destination @AlaskaAirFan Notes
C 01B Destination @Ahmed1 Notes
C 02 Destination Pilot Notes
C 03 Destination @Icelandair_TeamICE Notes
C 04 Destination Pilot Notes
C 05 Destination Pilot Notes
C 06 Destination Pilot Notes
C 07 Destination Pilot Notes
C 08 Destination Pilot Notes
C 09 Destination Pilot Notes
C 10 Destination Pilot Notes
C 11 Destination Pilot Notes
C 12 Destination Pilot Notes
C 13 Destination Pilot Notes
C 14 Destination Pilot Notes

I can join if it is training

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Yeah we can do it on training for sure!

I’ll take a gate, I was going to do this, you beat me

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I can take a gate

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I have added you both @Aviation2929 I put you down for gate 1 @Fung_Sum-sum I put you on gate 2.


Really? What was the flight like? What was your reaction to the birdstrike? How hard was the impact onto the river?

I find that quite hard to believe.


That’s neat! I have put you down for gate 4.

Smooth until the birds hit

At first I didn’t even know what was going on I just saw something coming towards us

To be honest it was really smooth water landing.
When we hit that water I knew I was going to be ok

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Thank you Nathan

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This is where it doesn’t add up! How were you able to see the birds coming towards you through a small window? Even Sully had no time to react to the birds!

Also, was the landing really that smooth? Everything I have seen all over the internet shows the aircraft coming down onto the water very hard.


I was sitting in front of the engines bro some people say different things
But for me it felt smooth to me

Bro instead of criticizing
It was a blur
That’s why I said I saw something sheesh

He’s not criticizing, he’s calling you out for what’s more than likely a lie to a community full of aviators. Lying gets you nowhere, especially in this community. Just makes you look silly in the end.

And if you’re not lying, then what a flight that must have been. But unless there’s proof somewhere, no one will believe you. I’m not trying to be rude, but lying here does you no good.


I’m sure you were.


I am not lying at all I swear

“smooth” but the force of hitting the water and stopping almost instantly injured many people


Also wondering what business you had in Charlotte when flying from New York. Your bio says you were raised in Milwaukee and now you live in Baltimore. Doesn’t quite add up imo.


We r getting off topic y’all

I, personally, find it quite difficult to believe considering that was 12 years ago and you seem fairly young. No matter how traumatic (actually, the way you described doesn’t seem traumatic at all), you would not remember something that early in your life.