15JAN21 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Lion in the Air @ WIII

Great FNF! Great to see my country selected for this week’s FNF event.

@Ramzi_Khairan not coming on Subuh Flight? 🤣 saya bercanda 🤘

Would I be allowed to use the call sign SJ182 on the Jakarta to Pontianak route to pay homage to all onboard?

I think you can

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Won’t come to keep honoring the victims of the crash next to Jakarta!


Yay it will be very cool

Can’t wait, great pick… RIP SJ182

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Yes you would be allowed because it’s just a flight number, now if you were to recreate that crash that would be a little harsh and almost making fun, if your going to recreate it for YouTube then I suggest don’t do it on multiplayer

I think we should all do that route out of respect


Looks like fun. I’ll definitely come on down.

Great FNF, Misha! Can’t wait to be controlling WIII tomorrow! Should be fun 👀

I might attend, so this is gonna be my 1st FNF :D

Don’t usually comment on these FNF threads but I’ve actually been flying in Indonesia a lot lately. This will be awesome!!

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Normally I comment early but awesome FNF!

if i can log it, yeah but i guess not today😂😂

I will do it

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Awesome FNF Misha as always! It will be fun.

Looks awesome

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that’s not paying respects 🤦🏽

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I would love to but it’s at 1 AM my time