15JAN21 / 0000Z - 3 Years Is Here! @ CYVR [COMPLETED]

Lets go with Nanaimo

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I hope it’s not too late to register!!

United States
Gate 86
AC Rouge A321

@AirCanadaVirtual Just to confirm, your event is in 35 mins right?

If so you need to change the date to be the 15JAN21 / 0000z

Yes it is, thanks for catching that!

@Canney_41 the AC Rouge livery isn’t currently in Infinite Flight, will you be taking the regular AC Livery or would you like a new aircraft?

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I’ll take a CYVR-RJAA AC B789 flight,

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I switch to a new aircraft, i’ll do the AC Rouge A319

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Gate: 34
Aircraft: DH8D
Destination: Comox (CYQQ)

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Sorry, could’ve phrased that one better :) I meant something like if you’re a new hire, you’re restricted to CRJs and the Dash 8 for flights with ACVA- would this meet be no exemption to that rule?

All ACVA members are exempt from any rank restrictions for this event :)

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Let’s goooooo

Sorry, I’m too late. Got the date and timings completely wrong.

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