15JAN21 / 0000Z - 3 Years Is Here! @ CYVR [COMPLETED]

An Official Air Canada Virtual Event

Welcome to Air Canada Virtual’s 3 Year Anniversary Event! We’re happy to be spending 3 years here on the IFC, and we’re very excited to ring in the new year with everyone for this special occasion.

This event will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia at CYVR. It’s an all fly-out event for everyone to participate in. Vancouver International Airport, located on Canada’s west coast, offers a wide range of domestic, trans-border (to the United States) and International destinations.

To accommodate for Air Canada Virtual, some gates widely used by other airlines will be occupied by an Air Canada aircraft.

Server: Expert Server (ES)

Aircraft: Participant choice

Livery: Any Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Air Canada Express livery.

Departure Airport: Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)

Arrival Airport: Participant choice

Event Date & Time: 2021-01-15T00:00:00Z

Ready to reserve a spot? Please follow the format below:

Arrival Type (Domestic, U.S, International)
Destination (ICAO)


Gate: 43
Aircraft: A321
Destination: Toronto Pearson Int’l (CYYZ)

Domestic Terminal
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot In ACVA?
Gate 32 Regional
Gate 33 DH8D CYCD @Oskapew
Gate 34 DH8D CYQQ @FireCracker
Gate 35 CRJ-900 CYXY @Evan ACVA001 ✔️
Gate 36 Regional
Gate 37 Regional
Gate 38 Regional
Gate 29 Narrow-Body
Gate 30 CRJ-900 CYXY @flyinggoosey ACVA002 ✔️
Gate 31 A321-200 KSEA @PlaneGeek ACVA636 ✔️
Gate 39 A319-100 CYEG @I-am-the-captain-now
Gate 40 Narrow-Body
Gate 41 Narrow-Body
Gate 42 Narrow-Body
Gate 43 Narrow-Body
Gate 44 B777-300ER CYYZ @Canadian_Aviator
Gate 46 B777-300ER CYYZ @Aviation2929
Gate 47 B777-300ER CYYZ @Travis_Albert ACVA626 ✔️
Gate 48 Heavy
Gate 49 A333 CYUL @Da-la_nay
Gate 50 A333 CYUL @airplaneboi
Gate 51 Heavy
Gate 52 Heavy
International Terminal
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot In ACVA?
Gate 53 B777-300ER YSSY @Airborne_Canuck ACVA861 ✔️
Gate 54 B777-300ER EDDF @Mafiaviation
Gate 55 B787-9 VIDP @Kamryn
Gate 56 B777-300ER RKSI @Levi_Park ACVA271 ✔️
Gate 62 B777-200LR VHHH @Laurent_Wellman ACVA133 ✔️
Gate 60 B777-300ER YSSY @Jackson_Hawker ACVA457 ✔️
Gate 61 B777-300ER YMML @Big_Chungus
Gate 63 B787-9 RJAA @KIND9624 ACVA666 ✔️
Gate 64 B777-200LR VHHH @Kat ACVA105 ✔️
Gate 65 Heavy
Gate 66 B777-300ER YSSY @HarryH1 ACVA151 ✔️
U.S. Arrivals
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot In ACVA?
Gate 79 Narrow-Body
Gate 80 Narrow-Body
Gate 81 Narrow-Body
Gate 82 Narrow-Body
Gate 83 Narrow-Body
Gate 84 Rouge A319 KLAS @Canney_41
Gate 86 Narrow-Body
Gate 87 Rouge A319 KLAS @jake.sevigny
Gate 88 Narrow-Body
Gate 75 A321-200 KLAX @CaptainZac
Gate 76 A321-200 KORD @Mick0 ACVA941 ✔️
Gate 77 E175 KEWR @DeltaFox
Gate 78 B787-9 KEWR @Fat_Albert_512
Gate 67 A330-300 PANC @AviatorJake ACVA858 ✔️
Gate 70 Heavy
Gate 71 Heavy
Gate 73 Heavy

You do not need to be a Pilot of Air Canada Virtual to attend!

All ACVA Pilots are subject to 3x flight time multiple.

Vancouver International Airport serves as Canada’s second busiest airport. Situated on Canada’s west coast, CYVR offers travelers easy connections over the pacific and to the rest of Canada and the United States. Alongside its vast network, Vancouver Int’l is only one of few airports to have a terminal for floatplanes!

Source: xplanereviews.com

Airport Class: Bravo Airspace
Airport Elevation: 13’

Runway Dimensions Type
08L/26R 3030 x 61 m Concrete
08R/26L 3505 x 61 m Pavement
13/31 2225 x 61 m Pavement

  • Arriving and Departing aircraft will use the 08L/26R and 08R/26L runways. Runway 13/31 may be used, but please be aware of aircraft landing and departing on the 08s and 26s.

  • IFATC may or may not be present. In the case that they are, please follow all ATC instructions to ensure a smooth and steady event.

  • In the case IFATC is not present at the event, please utilize UNICOM at all times and be respectful to others.

  • Maintain appropriate separation at all times while on the ground and in the air.

  • Please plan accordingly for the departure, and note you may have to alter your FPL for the event for any reason.

For 3 years, Air Canada Virtual has dominated the Canadian skies with our large domestic and international network, diverse fleet, and more. Founded in January 2018, we bring together what’s best about Infinite Flight through our various connections in the VA community.

– Evan,
Air Canada Virtual President

Check us out!


Air Canada Virtual is a non-profit Virtual organization that is in no way sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Air Canada or any of its partners/affiliates.

Please note that Air Canada Virtual is not responsible for any system violations and/or ATC/system reports.

Special thanks to @Evan and @flyinggoosey for putting this event together!


A Vancouver fly out? Yes please.

I will take gate 44 to YYZ in a 77W

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Actually I take 46 next to him please, Going to Toronto in a 77W

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LAX please A321

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Gate 66
Destination: YSSY (Sydney)

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Gate 30
Whitehorse (CYXY)

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U.S. Arrivals
Dest. KORD
ACVA941 😍

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U.S. arrival
Gate 67
ACVA 858

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I’ll have gate 31 to CYYC (Domestic) in the Air Canada A321 please! ACVA636.

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RKSI (Seoul Incheon Intl.)

May I please have this spot?

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VHHH(Hong Kong), 777-200LR please.

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RKSI (Seoul Incheon Intl.) , 777-300ER Please. ACVA271


Yay! you are going to the same place as I am!

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Gate 43
Airbus A319
CYEG - Edmonton Intl

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Could I take gate 53 to YSSY in the Air Canada Boeing 77W?

   Gate 53 - Heavy
   Air Canada Boeing 77W 
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Can I be removed from this event? I won’t be able to join because of some unexpected work that day. I’m so sorry.

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U.S Arrival
Gate 78 - Narrow/Heavy
New York Newark (KEWR)

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Can I get a confirmation?

B77W heavy
Gate 70

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this gate to newark in the ERJ please!

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