15AUG21/ 2130Z - The Great Heavy Lukla Landing Competition @ VNLK [PODIUM REALEASED]

I’ll be pulling out @JetSuperior5192 as the time now is 3 Am for me. Wishing the event to be a great success!

Thanks and Regards,

List updated! Thanks everyone

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I can come a330 please and can more than one person use same aircraft

Yes. They can!

I’ll sign you up in a bit

Ok I’m hopefully the a339 will be out so I will use that

Just a few days before the competition kicks in. Make sure to join!

3 days to go! Anyone else? 🙃

Can you still Sign up?

If so signed me up in 332

I am in, how do I sign up?

count me in! I fully admit to doing this more times than socially acceptable

All signed up. Enjoy


Just 1 day to go. Make sure to grab a spot!

Well I just realised the competition is held just 1 hour 30 minutes before I go to school lol

Just a few hours until the competition starts. Make sure to grab a spot before is too late!

The competition is now over, and here is the podium:

This podium was made by @Aviatorwyatt, who really helped me on judging everyone’s landings, while I had some family things to do.

Here is the podium:

3rd Place 1st Place 2nd Place
@TestFlight10 @Plane_Masta @american79

It was really fun creating those events. See you at the next time!

Thank you to the rest who participated 🏔😎


Looks like the buttery A380 landing really paid off. Great job to everyone that competed!

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Well I came in last but at least I hit the runway

Cant believe I even placed!