15AUG21/ 2130Z - The Great Heavy Lukla Landing Competition @ VNLK [PODIUM REALEASED]

Do you dare landing an A380 into Lukla? Do you dare buttering the A333 in a 1730ft runway? Do you dare crashing into the mountains? Do you wish to win? Well… you found the right competition. Welcome to the heavy Lukla landing competition, a unique event where we will use ONLY heavies, who will try to land safetly at Lukla.

If case you don’t know about Lukla, Lukla is a G/A touristic airport which gives trips, especially to the Mountains in the surroundings. Is considered one of the most dangerous airports in the world due to the height, the short runway, and some many things.

In Infinite Flight, everything is possible; In this event, we will use Lukla as an international airport , and the host airport for this landing competition. Im sure you don’t want to miss it out!

Date: 2021-08-15T21:30:00Z
Airport: VNLK
Server: Casual

Rules Of the Competition

  1. The following aircraft are allowed in this competition:
Boeing Airbus McDonnell Douglas
B747 series A380 DC-10
B767 A330 series DC-10F
B777 series A359 MD-11
B787 series A340 MD-11F
C17 -
  1. Every aircraft must depart from VNPL, and do the visual approach (Right Base Runway 6 VNLK)
  2. Every competitor will have 4 opportunities in case they crash, or something else. If the 4 opportunities are missed, the competitor is eliminated.
  3. You may not change the aircraft after 1st attempt. Choose wisely.
  4. The winner will be decided by the following factors:
  • How big the aircraft is.

  • Missed attempt/successful attempt ratio.

  1. Failure on following the rules above will result in disqualification.



A PM will be send before the event! See you there :)


Oh no I have seen this and now I’m coming no matter what

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Lol. So are you joining?

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Yep I am:)

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Signed up! Good luck

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I’ll take a330 series (any random livery :P)


Signed up! Enjoy

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I’ll get the almighty to VNLK!

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Signed up! Enjoy :)

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I’m joining, can I say my plane later?

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Hey, sure! You can say the plane on the day of the competition too :)

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Sign me up, A380.

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Sign me up A330-300!

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@MissRosa and @RyMan you are both signed up. Make sure to butter your planes :)

Roger that man thx for signing me up!

@RadarVectors_Mumbai @Aviatorwyatt @RyMan @InfiniteFlight_Shots @Captain_Sid @MissRosa time has been changed to 2021-08-07T05:00:00Z2021-08-15T21:30:00Z. Let me know if you have any comments please and thank you!

what was the original time?
cause its 3 am for me now

Same for me :(

No problems for me.

Won’t be possible as me subscription will get over on 16th and also it would be 3am for me