15AUG21 / 2130Z - KLM A333 @ EHAM to TNCM(CLOSED)

  • A333 KLM LIVERY:


  • 21:30 Zulu:

  • Expert:

  • Hey everyone, This flight will leave from EHAM at 21:30 Zulu I will be their 30 minutes prior (21:00 Zulu) This flight will be 8 hours so it will give yourself tons of time to do whatever you need to do while were up in the air. I hope to see y’all their.DM if you are going to Join!:

Next time on Saturdays please. :)
Cant do longhauls sunday evening cause monday i always have to work very early.

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Sorry you have to miss, next week I will definitely make sure to have a long haul on Saturday.

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