15AUG21 / 1630Z - SAS Virtual Group Presents: Bergen Fly-out @ ENBR [DEPARTED]

Bergen, Norway


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with a population of approximately 285,000. Bergen Airport Flesland, is 20 kilometers south of the city centre and 6 million passengers traveled through the airport back in 2013. It is Norway’s second most traficated airport behind Oslo Gardermoen.

Event Details:

Server : Expert

Airport : Bergen Airport Flesland, Norway

If you would like to control the airport; please send a DM to @Isgrena.

Tower + ATIS: @Pilot_Dan1 | Ground: @Pilot_Dan1 | Arrival/ Departure:

Time : Sunday, August 15, 2021 16:30
Please spawn atleast 20-30 minutes before departure

Bergen Airport Information

Photo: Jostein Viestad/Avinor


Runway:   m      ft
17/35	2,990	9,810	Asphalt/concrete

60°17′37″N 005°13′05″E

Elevation: 50.6 m / 166 ft

Airport terminal map:

Airport map:


Please note that all flights are based on realistic flights. Every gate is free to choose, and if you want to change destination, please use realistic routes, aircraft and airlines from Bergen.

International Terminal 2
Gate Destination Flight time Airline Aircraft Pilot(s) Departure
32 Helsinki (EFHK) 1:55 Widerøe E190 (generic) @Pilot_Aaltonen 1635Z
31 Stockholm (ESSA) 1:20 SAS CRJ9 @Jens_Severin 1650Z
29 Chania (LGSA) 4:30 SAS B737 @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO 1635Z
28 Copenhagen (EKCH) 1:20 SAS A319 @Isgrena 1700Z
27 Copenhagen (EKCH) 1:20 SAS CRJ9 @Andrey_Kotelnikov 1650Z
26 Alicante (LEAL) 3:40 SAS A320 @iHen 1630Z
25 Amsterdam (EHAM) 1:40 KLM E190 @BennyBoy007 1640Z
24 London Gatwick (EGKK) 1:50 Norwegian B738 @askrdl 1655Z
23 Aberdeen (EGPD) 1:20 Widerøe DH8D @NorAviator97 1645Z
Domestic Terminal 3
Gate Destination Flight time Airline Aircraft Pilot(s) Departure
20 Oslo (ENGM) 0:50 Norwegian B738 @HUMVEE 1635Z
19 Stavanger (ENZV) 0:35 SAS B738 @Ronke 1655Z
18 Trondheim (ENVA) 1:00 SAS B737 @Martins 1645Z
17 Leknes (ENLK) 2:30 Widerøe DH8D 1630Z
16 Oslo (ENGM) 0:50 SAS B738 @Ritesh321 1650Z
15 Ålesund (ENAL) 0:45 SAS CRJ9 1640Z


We are not responsible for any violations given throughout the event

Follow all instructions given by ATC

Do not pushback whenever another aircraft beside your gate is pushbacking

Enjoy the Scandinavian skies!

On behalf of SAS Virtual Group, we would like to welcome you to a great day in Bergen!

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I’ll take this gate and flight

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Gate 24 is yours @askrdl

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Just to be sure, do I depart Bergen at 16:55 Zulu

Yes, that’s correct. It’s just to make sure that everyone is not pushbacking at the same time and to make the event more realistic, but we still recommend to spawn in before 16:30Z.

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can i take this?

The gate is yours @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO , see you there!

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there is a chance i might not make it due to the timezone i will be in it would be 6:30 am

This one please

Wow, twelve hours time difference from local Norwegian time, I hope you make it anyway. :)

Good choice, you’re signed up!

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i am normaly 7 hours behind but this time not

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i also applied for your VA!

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this flight please

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You’re signed up, @Ronke

Hey! Could you add flight AY942 Bergen - Helsinki to the listing? I would love to fly that flight in the event. Flight is operated by Wideroe E190 E2 (I would fly with generic E190).


Hi sgin me for this


An E190 to Helsinki is waiting for you at gate 32 @Pilot_Aaltonen and gate 20 is yours @HUMVEE , see you both there!

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Lets get some more signups! Still many gates available. See you all there!

I‘d like this one please

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